Pyaar Dosti Hai!

By Manali Jobanputra in Experiences
Updated 03:11 IST Feb 05, 2017

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They say nothing lasts forever, DREAMS CHANGE, trends come and go, but FRIENDSHIPS never go out of STYLE  – Carrie Bradshaw


Sharing your darkest secrets, having the silliest conversations, gossiping, blindly trusting, and lastly  unconditional love is what comprises of a friendship. We are most comfortable when around our friends, because we ate accepted and loved for who we are.

I wonder, if we have everything we need in friendship, then why are we constantly in search of love elsewhere?  Why do we look to find love with  someone we barely know, why do we put ourselves out there and pretend to be someone we’re not?

Why is it not ok to fall in love with a friend? 

How wonderful would it be to have a relationship where you’re loved for who you are,  where you can be yourself, and where your understood without having to explain yourself.

When it’s all so apt,  why don’t we accept that we maybe in love with a friend?  Why does fear overpower the courage to go and confess?  Why do people think it would “ruin their friendship” if they expressed their love?

It’s not so bad like they put it up, in fact  it’s wonderful.  Friendships are beautiful, and falling in love with a friend is a bliss.



I’ve been in love with my friend, have you? 

Share your thoughts/stories  in the comments below, I’d love to hear from everyone.

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TheLostBronteSister 05-Feb-2017 09:50

Do you have a story to go with this thought? Would love to see it in the #kalamlove category for February. If you do, do tag it with #kalamlove.

Manali Jobanputra 05-Feb-2017 10:57

Yep I do, @TheLostBronteSister and will be uploading it soon enough. :)

Ramanathan Shankara 18-Apr-2017 12:15

The pain in not proposing a life long journey is greater than not asking at all. Atleast we would know what's in store for us.

And it would not ruin the friendship, whats gets ruined is hope and is momentary.

Nice write up and pulled up thought very well.


God bless

Manali Jobanputra 20-Apr-2017 19:34

Thank you @ Ramanathan

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