The sincere apology

By Priyanshi Banerjee in Poems
Updated 15:48 IST Feb 04, 2017

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That girl in the bus was drunk in monotony,

And you were succeeding her pretty soul,

It was summertime, life flew in symphony,

But moments later, your peace she stole!


For brakes applied, the stop had come.

The jerk forced her body to fall,

Rest were still, but you- not scum,

You lifted her, when numb stood all.


She thought you outraged her modesty,

When you intended to lift her up!

She slapped, for her you were nasty,

Right then all eyes upon you, ganged up.  


You were crushed under the brick of guilt,

For I witnessed the sobbing tears.

And she- her mind had no clue about it!

For she still stared, your dignity she smears.


I call you a “soldier”,your actions were noble

But for the world she was entitled valiant,

Your heart so pure, I hereby ennoble,

But for the world she stood eminent.


So here I stand upright to apologize!

You were punished for an undone crime,

Your deeds not vindictive, but wise.

Yet your paths covered rocks and slime.

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