amateur artist, writer and an psycho-hippie soul.
It was him..  It was him.. He was on the road Followed me in the silhouette It was really him.. The silence of the footsteps Words uttered on the way It was him.. He is back again Alive, though dead in my memories Said.. "You are the love of... read more...
23-Oct-2016 • 684 views
I portrait the world here on this wall,But the hues faded away to the skyMy hands trembled ,And the colors spread to the floor,Flooding ... read more...
10-Nov-2016 • 563 views
Sculpted the route that lead aheadEven I scurried to carry....I lost the shadows of that forerunnerBut nobody passed that way this secondWhy my eyes lie?The pageant's echo raised those questions of timeThat existed ages back here But it haunts all of mine Where can I get a... read more...
02-Feb-2017 • 740 views
Often kept under chains,Solitude in the urban prison;It's an escape to theUnknown crowd!!Chased the unexplored roadsWith the gleams of sunlit!!Comfort in the of street,Poetry in disguise of landscape ;Smile that followed Throughout the way;The eccentric men!!Waited and watchedTheir curious eyes!!Strolled along... read more...
15-Apr-2017 • 598 views
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