The Conjectured One !

By Manali Jobanputra in Experiences
Updated 01:07 IST Dec 22, 2016

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A typically irritating, Ms. “I know it all” teenager as she seemed to me is now  suddenly one of the most wonderful souls I’ve come across in these 22 spins around the sun. Simple yet Smart, Quiet yet Chirpy, Common yet Unique, and lastly beautiful in her own special way. I really don’t know how I went from “she’s  irritating” to ” she’s  wonderful”, from *ignoring her* to *wanting to know her more*, from *being least bothered about her* to *wanting to protect her*.


Her mysterious behavior has got me intrigued and I wonder what’s on her mind.  She is somewhat like the teenage me, just smarter and braver. I wonder what made her so brave, strength comes from pain ; after all the pain even I’m not as strong today to what she already is. I wonder how much pain she would have seen to be the diamond she is today. She wears a flawless facade, masking her agony, but her eyes divulge to those who can peruse.


Commoners are just deceived by her facade, and believe that she is insane; little do they know that she’s the  diamond amongst us stones. But she’s far above all these mediocre minds and is way stronger to be concerned by it. She’s like the red shade of lipstick, not everyone can carry and many don’t appreciate it because its BOLD, but only those who carry it know how beautiful it is and the confidence it beams! Only the classy and elite know its beauty and royalty.


She spreads laughter and joy coz she probably knows the pain of lacking it, she is always helpful because she has maybe known what it feels to be helpless. She gives and gives, not expecting any reciprocation. Selfless, Beautiful, Intelligent, Kind, Unique, Special, Captivating, and I can go on, but none of these words will ever describe the beauty of her soul.

May she be blessed with all the wonderful things in life and she receive the supreme of everything.

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