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There are two souls that exists in our body. One is the GIVE UP Soul and the other is the KEEP FIGHTING soul. The day, later got better of former, we actually start walking towards our dreams, our goals, our ambitions and the happiness we experience standing at our destination is terrific, which can never be expressed through few words. A smile of relief says it all and when we look back to our journey we feel proud of ourselves, we can actually feel our existence. As if we were never alive before, as if we were just born, as if we just found ourselves.

The goals and targets I am referring to are not always the bigger ones. Secret of happiness lies in small things and the sad part is many of the times we never realise their existence. Today while I was trekking on the hill, my goal was to reach till the top. After few minutes, the fight between my GIVE UP Soul and KEEP FIGHTING soul started. My GIVE UP Soul wanted me to stop, wanted me to quit as there is no harm in stopping midway as I am not going to achieve anything even if I am able to reach at the top other than unnecessary tiredness and sweat but at the same time my KEEP FIGHTNG exclaimed me to not give up because once I gave up I will develop habit of giving up, habit of postponing things, habit of leaving things in between, habit of not listening to my own decisions. I will get use to the temporary happiness I will get after giving up at the cost of permanent and immense bliss and peace of mind I will receive after reaching at the destination. Yes, I will get tired. Yes, there will be lot of sweat on my body but all these will be part of my happiness, all this will be part of my success story. I will cherish my tiredness. I will cherish the sweat on my body as they were with me till the end of my journey. Without them this journey to glory would not have been possible.

For the very first time, my KEEP FIGHTNG Soul got better of my GIVE UP Soul. I did not stop. My legs begged me to stop but I told my tired legs, just few more steps, then you will be more confident, you will get to know about your own ability and you will be much stronger next day. I started thinking about something else, any random things, in order to divert my attention. I started thinking about my past, the day I cleared Chartered Accountancy I took a jump of joy and hurt my hand in the process, about my first crush, about love, about mistakes I have made, about relations I could not take care of, about emotions, about pain, about love I received, about love I wish I could receive and so on.

I completely forgot I was on the hill. I felt like I was alone. Just me. I can hear nothing apart from my own breath. I can feel nothing except my own existence. With every breath an incidence from the past was flashing in front of my eyes as if I was there, watching each and everything but could not do anything about it, I was in complete solitude but there was a smile on my face, I was happy, I was in peace and before I realise I found myself at the top of the hill.

I felt like I have achieve something big, something really big. Then arrived the smile of glory or rather the laughter of glory. I felt immense happiness inside me not because I have reached at the top but because I was able to complete what I have decided, because I was able to listen to my FIGHTING SOUL, because I spent some time with my souls and most importantly, because I did not gave up, I fought and I won.


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