221 Days with a Twist !

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Sometimes and only sometimes you meet someone and they leave an imprint on you.  It doesn’t take long, barely known each other for a while but feels like ages old.

It was time to depart, her flight was announced and he had to get back to work. She said goodbye with a heavy heart not knowing how he feels.  He waved back, hugged her and let her go. She walked away from him, and with every step that she took, she realized that she’s leaving her heart behind. Her emotions created a mayhem and her mind kept pondering– Does he feel the same?

He seemed to be pretty composed, maybe he was enshrouding his emotions or maybe he was just indifferent to the goodbye. Shenaz sat on her seat contemplating the void in her bosom. She had no clue how she lost her heart to VK in a beat! She wondered if she would ever see him again.

Worn out from the trip and chaos of emotions she shut her eyes hoping to get some sleep. As the plane took off, her heart sank. Flashing in her closed eyes were the memories of the trip,  memories of VK.

She felt helpless, choked, irrational and confused. What was wrong, how does someone so recent become so important and conquer one’s heart? Brooding and cogitating, Shenaz gave in to Slumber.

Wakened by the landing announcements, Shenaz sat up hitting reality.  She was happy to return home but dubious about losing her heart back in New York! [the DDLJ feel 😉 ]

After long hours of immigration process and baggage claim she finally took a cab home. She kept mulling over whether VK still thought of her, or had he forgotten her. Her heart and mind debated on whether she should message him.  Gosh this had to stop, it was driving her insane.

She was vanquished by jet lag by the time she reached home. She retired to bed  and woke up only next morning  in her isolated dome. Shenaz stayed alone in a rented apartment, she found solace in loneliness.


Shenaz was   strong independent woman who had built up a wall around her and never let anyone through the wall so as to protect herself from pain. She feared opening up and being loved as her entire life was a filled with lies, betrayal and Agony. Right from her childhood she had been tormented. Her biological parents passed away when she was born, her foster parents tortured and harassed her throughout her childhood, her school life was a wreck as she was always bullied. Her trust was always betrayed, since long before she could even understand what it means and now she came to understand what it meant but could never be able to trust anyone.


Through all these years of depression and monstrosities she stood strong. She was her only support. She had none but her own shoulder to cry on and her own hands to wipe away tears. She was like a phoenix who soared high after her resurrection. VK was the first man she ever loved, the first man she opened up to and the first man she let inside the wall. For the first time in her life she was longing for company, for love, for togetherness.


She missed VK de trop. She couldn’t endure it anymore, she grabbed her phone hoping to see  a text from him, but to her dismay. Jetlagged, emotionally chaotic and probably in love Shenaz dialed VK. He answered her call, and as she spoke with him her frustration changed into excitement. They spoke for about 30 full minutes, and  amongst their talks he said he missed her and he felt really happy talking with her. Shenaz bubbled with joy. She hadn’t felt so happy in years. her heart danced with joy.

She soon got used to VK calling everyday and talking and texting the usual dating ritual as it may seem. She slipped even more and realized that she indeed was in love with VK. But she still didn’t know if he felt the same.  She decided to confess on their next call.  Excited yet nervous Shenaz called VK, and to her surprise he declined the call. She assumed he may be busy and patiently waited for his call.

1 hour..  3 hours..  6 hours..  A day..  VK did not call.  She lost her patience and called him again only to get no response. Her call wasn’t answered. She wondered what was wrong. She dropped him a text asking if he was OK, but she got no reply.

VK, aka Virat Kohli (not the cricketer :p) was a mysterious man who lived in New York. Ruggedly handsome, charming,  funny and a complete gentleman! There’s no woman who would NOT fall for him.

But who was he? What did he do? How did he meet Shenaz?

VK was a hitman. His handsome looks hid his motives, and his charming smile hid the crudeness of his dark reality. VK was hired to kill Shenaz in New York, before she returned to India, but in his facade of friendship he ended up finding a true friend. For the 1st time in his life, someone was so kind to him.

He was hired by Shenaz’s mom to kill her. By getting her out of the way, all the hierarchy would be passed on to Shenaz’s foster brother.He couldn’t decide whether to follow his heart to mind. He had to kill her because he was paid for it, it was his job, but he couldn’t because cmon! No matter how dark his soul was, he found light with her.

But he was blackmailed, he had taken a fee for the job and he had to finish it,  because If he didn’t, someone else would and he would lose his life too. He decided to finish the job himself, his darkness took upon the light spread by Shenaz.

He flew to India and surprised Shenaz at her apartment with flowers and chocolates. She was ecstatic to see him, she had a wide smile and tears in her eyes. She hugged him tight and in his arms she felt peaceful and complete. He felt happy and guilty too,  he knew what his job was and that this light and joy that he found with Shenaz was short-lived.

Shenaz was out for control,  her joy knew no bounds. She decided to cook dinner and surprise him. She made his favorite Karela (bitter gourd) even though she hated it. She decided that over dinner she will reveal her feelings for him. She tried on her entire closet before she could decide the perfect attire for the evening. She picked out her lipstick shade, mascara, perfume, liner and  all  other cosmetics after much thought.

Shenaz on one side was cooking and getting dressed, planning to surprise VK for dinner at his apartment, where as VK on the other was planning the execution of her murder.

Soon it was dusk, Shenaz was both nervous and excited, she thought it was going to be the most special night of her life. She kept running the entire scenario of confessing to him, over and over in her head a gazillion times. Little did she know it was going to be her last! Dressed to die, Shenaz drove to VK’s house.

She took him by a surprise as he wasn’t prepared to see her at his place but he was polished enough to manage that. He welcomed her and made her feel comfortable. They sat and talked for hours, sometimes silently starting into each other’s eyes and sometimes yapping about the silliest things. Shenaz beaming with joy  finally decided to confess.

As she was about to speak, VK got a call and he excused himself. The call was his reminder that the time is up, and its time for Shenaz to die. Shenaz nervous and impatient waiting for VK to return, chose to use the washroom and freshen up before she would proceed. She walked towards his room.

As soon as she opened the bedroom door, she was horrified to see her photographs on his wall, surveillance photographs of her every move and a huge red cross on them. She couldn’t believe her eyes and wondered what all this was. She thought of  the call he got, these photos and it didn’t take her long to conclude who VK was and was appointed by whom.

Scandalized and heartbroken she stood there frozen. She felt nauseous and dizzy, her dreams were shattered, heart was broken and trust betrayed once again. Tears flooded her eyes and a lump formed in her throat. Her life flashed in front of her eyes and all the horrible memories came back to her.  She knew VK wasn’t what he pretended to be and she was going to die.

Anger, resentment, pain, fear and agony took over her, she felt like she would collapse. She decided that she will no more let others harass and torture her. She chose to be her own SUPER HERO !

She wiped her tears and wore a smile,  walked out of the room into the balcony towards VK. She hugged VK from behind, how she wished that this were all fake and VK would be the simple gentleman he pretended to be. She whispered into his ears “I love you VK” with tears in her eyes and while doing so she slyly pulled out his gun. He turned towards her, and looked right into her eye. He was in a crux, but once again darkness took over him. His tried to reach for his gun, in his back pocket and when he realized it wasn’t there he looked Shenaz baffled.  Before he could react, she loaded the gun and shot one right through his heart. The loud noise of the gunshot deafened her ears as she saw his body fall on the floor dead and numb. She wiped her tears and walked away.

She couldn’t have her Happy Ending with him anyway, so she chose to have it by herself. Back to her loneliness, where she found solace.

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