The 20th Cake Day

By Manali Jobanputra in Poems » Short
Updated 14:37 IST Aug 03, 2016

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This was the most perfect bday ever,
Filled with fun, love, surprises and fervour,
My lovies made it memorable,
Mumma, zazzi, n Donzaii .. All adorable!

Morning hit me at five ,
I hear birds chirp live,
I bathe and begin,
As per bday tradation..!

The burning pizza puff,
The roads dusty and rough,
The temple bells ring,
Beckoning the invisible string !

Its the noon lunch,
With laughter in bunch...
After ages with my donzaii,
Accompanied by rains of july !

Then arrived the most awaited hour,
I had enjoyed so far,
And this was even more exciting,
As mum showered me with gifts and blessings!

But all through this treat..
Something felt incomplete..!
It was your absence...
That was the missing essence !

But finally ... To make my day ...
Destiny took me your way...
It was the most awaited rendezvous..
And my birthday wish came true... !!

I was ecstatic ... !
Seemed like shakespeare's romantic!
And the fact remains that im a shrew...
Yet I'm gifted with a beautiful person ..YOU !

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