The VKian in me !

By Manali Jobanputra in Poems » Short
Updated 13:18 IST Jan 17, 2017

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He’s always in my heart,

He’s  always  on my mind,

Every woman’s Dream Man,

Sexy,  Handsome and Kind.

What once I never watched,

He made me love the game,

It’s cricket of course,

Where he has all the fame.

The blue jersey with eighteen,

The charming bearded smile,

Yes it’s my Virat Kohli,

King of charm and style.

With the swing of his bat,

Comes the adrenaline rush,

When he scores a century,

Comes the loud cheer gush.

When I see him onscreen,

My heart skips a beat,

My cheeks go sanguine,

I wish, him I could meet.

A Rendezvous is what I yearn,

A simple tryst with my superstar,

And until that day comes,

I’ll gaze from afar.

I hope he reads this someday,

Perceives the love and admiration,

Knows me,  his die hard fan – Manali,

And my excessive adoration.

– VKian Manali Jobanputra

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