Muskaan- All grown up!

By Kalamwali in Daily Musings
Updated 11:58 IST Jan 20, 2017

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Today I write about the same little girl Muskaan, who isn't that little anymore. She is growing up. Growing up faster than I would have liked. And why don't I like that she is growing up so fast? Here is why! 

Muskaan, who for the past three years, has smiled and waved at me from wherever she spotted me, has spoken to me despite the noise, heat, dust and pollution at the signal and made each of the long waits at that signal bearable; has suddenly stopped doing it. And why has she stopped doing it?

Over the past couple of months, each time Muskaan spoke to me, she asked me for things. Sometimes clothes, sometimes food and sometimes money (not 10 or 20 Rupees. Directly 100-200 Rupees). I gave her food a few times; not leftovers but packed food. I could't give her clothes as I didn't want to give her used clothes; and money? Well we all know what actually happens with that money. 

One day she raised her voice and said, "tum kyun mujhe paisa nahi deti ho? (why don't you ever give me money?". To that I calmly replied, that I didn't believe in giving money as she wasn't a beggar. I also told her that she should attend school. To which she said, "paisa Kaun bharega (who will pay the fees)?" I instantly told her, I will pay. She again said, "theek hai, do Paisa (Okay, give me money)". I said "Nahi. Tum chalo mere sath. School dekhenge aur phir main paise school ko dungi (No. You come along with me. We will go check the school out and then I'll pay the School". 

After which there was complete silence for 10 seconds or so. The signal turned green. I kept looking at her. In anger she said, "Jao, nahi chahiye. Paisa nahi dogi toh kya faida? (Go, I don't want. There is no point if you aren't giving me money". I felt a surge of disappointment. I drove away. 

And now the same Muskaan spots my car at the signal and dodges it intelligently. So much awareness, intelligence and such good observation. If only I could convince her to use it effectively. Muskaan has grown up and her Muskaan has become expensive, just as her needs! 

- Kalamwali

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