My Quarantine Story

By Team Kalamwali in Junior Kalam
Updated 12:57 IST May 01, 2020

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By Ananya Rahul


It was Day 13 of Quarantine... I was missing the fun times and ran to my mother asking her for ideas to help me. She suggested that I could read books to pass my time. So, I went to my room and searched deep inside my dad’s cupboard which was filled with his old books. I found this really old crumbled book hidden between the others. “The Wonders of Magic”, it was called. 

I was excited and started reading the book. I loved the magic tricks in it. One of the Chapters read – “Time Travel”. There was a rhyme given which if recited would help me travel across time. 

By now, I was super excited. I screamed out aloud and called my mom, dad and sister. When they came running in, I told them about the book and said that I’ve learnt a new magic. It would help to travel across time. My family felt I was crazy to believe it. Out of anger, I recited the poem right then – Change the time After I recite this rhyme Far I want to go To a place long ago 

Kaboom! And I found myself in a dark cave. I could see tall and dense trees outside. I could hear the birds chirping in the distance. 

Back at home, my family was shocked! I was nowhere to be seen. They realized that the magic had actually worked. My sister opened the book and saw that there was a chapter on “Time Travel”. She saw the rhyme that I’d just recited. There was a cryptic message below the rhyme which said – The holes are round I like the sound Play it twice The reward is nice 

I could hear children talking in a language I could not understand. I went closer and saw two kids wearing green leaves, who were chattering happily and painting on the walls. There was a drawing on the floor with snakes and sticks. The kids started playing some game on the drawing. 

Meanwhile, my family was still struggling to solve the riddle. Suddenly, my dad realized that the book belonged to his grandfather and that he was fond of playing the flute. The rhyme now made sense. All they had to do was to find the flute. But no one knew where it was. 

I was startled when I heard the noise of two adults coming into the cave. They too were wearing only green leaves. I then saw how much fun they had as a family eating and talking and playing. 

It was my sister who then remembered that she had seen a flute in one of the old suitcases which we had kept in the attic. They rushed there, found the flute and played it twice! And there I was, back from the caves. But this was a new me. I had realized that I could have so much fun at home with my sister, mom and dad.

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