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By Team Kalamwali in Junior Kalam
Updated 14:00 IST Jun 12, 2020

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By Aliya Pareek



I have a very unique quarantine story as its about someone who l have grown with playing at odd hours, walking back from school, eating fun stuff, crying for little fights, getting scolded for a messy cupboard and cleaning up the mess. You must be thinking is she my friend or my mother or my sister but guess what she is my helping hand, my Vandana didi.


I have built so many beautiful and amazing memories with her in this lockdown and the time she has spent with me. In such difficult times she is living with us to take care of our home which is away from her home. I love spending my time with her. I know that she works very hard. So I help her sometimes with mopping, dusting and washing clothes and in return she teaches me how to cook delicious food. So long I have learnt to cook tasty pancakes, omelette and next I am going to make a coffee.


One day Vandana didi was trying to write her name on a debit card and I observed that she wasn’t able to write her name and she asked for my help. Vandana didi has missed going to school in her childhood. l decided to teach even some more things like write her name in English, do simple calculations and identify few sight words. 


While teaching her I realised that she is so sincere that despite doing all the house chores she still finds time to do her homework and studying with me. I am very happy to have such a student and this made me think about how happy my parents and my teachers would be if I did the same instead of making excuses for not doing my homework. So I have made a promise to myself that I will be a better student and make my teachers and parents proud. 


I have been watching TV, playing games on parent’s mobile and yes studying a bit when parents scold me. I have realised that instead of wasting my time I should start to use my time well by helping Vandana didi read and write. So that one day she can read books and newspapers, do signature, read and type her messages and maybe one day she might even write a story about us in these lockdown days.


Well, not only am I a teacher these days, I am also a sketcher and a poet. Here is a little piece of my art.


The sky is still blue

The sun is hot too

Then why do people have flu

Do you have a clue?

I know you are feeling blue!


How do we get through?

I know social distancing is a must do

Let’s all follow it and stick at home like a glue

All those who are having a flu 

They should not worry as we have doctors crew.

This shall also pass and we will be back in school

But this time more thankful and humble too

The end

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