My Days in Quarantine

By Team Kalamwali in Junior Kalam
Updated 13:07 IST May 01, 2020

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By Hridaan Firodia


On a warm summer night, Prime minister Narendra Modi announced a 21-day Lockdown. That’s when I knew this virus was serious. I thought we’d be bored, but you don't know all the fun we’ve had. This story is about what I did at home…


We still had to learn at home. And our teachers prepared us for it. They said if we couldn’t reach school, we’ll have to learn on our devices. It’s fun, and I finish really fast but we sometimes get a bit tired. Our teacher is Mom. She is great, but sometimes she can’t take my work and Arjun’s work at the same time. Arjun is my little brother who is full of Mischief! He’s at it in the morning, noon and night. 


My Mom does this workout at about 6:00 PM and Arjun and I play outside. We sometimes play with the water hose and use it to put water down the slide so we can go down faster. If we get wet, then Arjun and I have a nice hot water bath. 


We could’ve gotten bored eating home food every single day, right? But we are lucky! Because mom makes the yummiest and delicious food of all time. I loved the Sandwich, the Falafel wrap, the Manchurian fried rice and of course, my favourite, the BURGER!  sometimes though we get an even better treat. Only once in a while, cheesy Pizza is ordered. 


At night, I have trouble sleeping, and my mom helps me fall asleep. She then goes outside to the backyard and chats with her cousins. But on Friday night, it’s DIFFERENT. We have a Movie Night and eat Popcorn. Mom has the best movie recommendations, but Arjun NEVER gives her credit. It’s better if it’s someone’s birthday cause they always serve Cold drinks and Chocolate cakes for the kids. 


We get together with our cousins to play board games and once even made a  chocolate biscuit cake.


I got bored, so I got creative, I used youtube to make some dope drawings of Dragons and cars. I also made 2 songs, the Team of the Season song, and for this story, the LOCKDOWN. Arjun and I also invented games on probability and testing our football skills which have challenges, mysteries and Prizes. With a Pizza box and some thrown away materials, Arjun and I made the Pizza Box of death playset. Sometimes I get an idea which Arjun loves, so we do it, but he doesn’t help much.


One weekend, we pitched a huge tent in the lawn but we never actually used it and it had to be dismantled.


Sometimes Arjun and I set the table for everyone but keep our special mats to ourselves. We also help Ramakanth, the watchman to rake the dry leaves and water the plants and lawn. I read somewhere that chores are tiring, but to me, it’s fun.


I’m glad I’m in the lockdown with my extended family so there’s never a dull day. 



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