Why did the crow get the black colour?

By Team Kalamwali in Junior Kalam
Updated 22:53 IST Jan 13, 2019

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A work of Fiction by our Junior Kalamkar,

Shanaya Chaphalkar- 7 years old

P.S. The illustration in the attached image has been created by her too. 




Why did the crow get the black colour?

In a forest lived all the birds with their master. One day their master had called them to his house at 7:00. The peacock came early. He said to himself, I shall walk in the forest until the other birds come. When came back to his master’s house, all birds had taken little little colours of everything. At last the crow came and told lies to his master that he had come early too. But his master did not trust him. And then the master gave the peacock little little of every colour but he gave the crow black because his master had seen the peacock come early but he did not see the crow come early. So the crow got the black colour.

Moral : We should never tell lies.

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