• Shrutishrutii | 10-Nov-2017
    Life may seem to end, The worries blend, You'll not be sure, If the wound can cure.. You get up , you try Hoping someday your obstacles fly... There's confusion, there's sorrow, There's a vivid image of better moments that you may  retain or borrow There's desire, there's love, There's anxiety, there's passion for your only imagination .. An imagination of a sight, Maybe a sunrise, Maybe a sunset, Maybe a rainy day with your beloved, Maybe a mothers smile, Maybe a dads hug Or a solo road trip for a mile, Lost in the echo of your own voice, There's noone to hear to but yourself, To know what it feels like to  live in a world thats a maze, A place you cant live in nor live out, You take challenges, you loose, you win, you hope, you chase, you loose again and so you cry, you cry louder but all you hear is  your own louder cry teasing you in your face.... Haaa!!! But there is still , still a ray of hope guiding you on your path,  A smile to give back, A giggle so that
  • The Brave Butterfly
    Team Kalamwali | 09-Jun-2017
    A work of Fiction by our Junior Kalamkar, Saanvi Shrivastava- 9 years old P.S. The illustrations in the attached image have been created by her too.    Chapter 1   “Tilly, I want you to come here at once! Come out of your room!”, Tilly’s mother screamed. Her name was Tiana. Now, now, now…don’t you close this book saying it is boring as you do not know who Tilly is. I am telling you. Tilly was a butterfly. She was very cute, pretty and clever. “Mummy, wait for some time. Or else, bring my breakfast here,” Tilly shouted. “Tillyyyyyy!” her mother yelled. Tilly opened the door of her bedroom and flew down to the dining room.  “See, I made nectar soup for you. Your favourite. And some fruit crumbs to put in the soup,” Tiana said. “Where is daddy?” Tilly asked. “He went to work. Eat your soup fast or you will be late for school. Look, its already 9.00 am,” Tilly’s mother said. Tilly got ready
  • The Princess and the Dragon
    Team Kalamwali | 30-May-2017
    A Work of Fiction created at Kalamwali's Creative Writing & Story-building Workshop  By- Saanvi Shrivastava9 years old.    “Jessie, hurry up and eat. We have to still play” Princess Minnie cried. Princess Jessie jumped up from her chair and washed her hands. “Jessie, finish everything in your plate and then go to play” Princess Jessie and Princess Minnie’s mother, the Queen said. “I am full, Mom” Princess Jessie said and rushed to the playground. “Jessie hardly eats anything since her school got over. She only wants to play. She did not even start her school homework, forget finishing it”, the King said. “Call Minnie here, I’ll tell her to let Jessie study.” The Queen sighed. “Let them both play for some time. They have just one month of vacation and so much homework.” Suddenly, there was a scream and Minnie came running into the colossal dining room. “Mom, Dad” she panted. “A big flyin