Santa Banta go for a Picnic

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Another lovely story by the 9 years old Saanvi Shrivastava who attended Kalamwali's Creative Writing Session for kids in the summer of 2017.


Santa Banta Go for a Picnic



  • Santa, Banta (the twins, of which Banta is a good fellow. They both are the Captain of the boys)
  • Meena (the Captain of the girls and Santa Banta’s best friend)
  • Rocky (Meena’s younger brother, the youngest of all)
  • Sameena (faints when she gets scared)
  • Shon and Mon (twins again)
  • Sonu and Monu (yes, twins again)
  • Sue (a farmer)
  • Momi (greedy-for-food girl)
  • Shyna (shy like her name)
  • Sabrina (the Princess of the group)

Chapter 1

One day Santa and Banta were doing their homework. After a few minutes, Banta said, ‘I have finished my homework. Have you Santa?’ `No! I haven’t!’ Santa groaned. Suddenly, Mumma came into their room. `Have you two finished your homework?’ she asked. ‘Well, I have done, but not Santa’, Banta said, looking at Santa. Mumma sighed. `What should I do with you Santa?’ she said. `Well, Banta I was thinking that why don’t you and your friends go for a picnic to the park near our house?’

Banta gasped with delight. Santa stared at Mumma. Finally Mumma said to Santa, `Fine, you also go along but make sure you are back early to finish your homework.’

The boys ran to Meena’s house and rang her doorbell. She opened the door and grinned. She was wearing a pretty pink dress and had a small backpack on her back. `Ready?’ she asked. The boys nodded and the three of them raced down to call the rest of the group.

Chapter 2

Now, you must be wondering why did Meena ask Santa Banta if they were ready, right? And if she knew they were going for a picnic, how did she know? Well, now Santa Banta had given phones to their group. But they were not the normal phones we see every day. They were called `Magic phones’. And they were really magical! They could call anyone from the past, present and future without even knowing the number!! The magic phones could do many more awesome things. So, Santa Banta had called up their group by magic and had already told them about their picnic plans. Soon, everyone was ready. Santa opened the garage where their ‘Group cycle’ was kept. Now, the group cycle was a cycle with 12 seats and one baby seat for Rocky. It was for Santa Banta’s group and only they were allowed to ride it. After taking out the cycle, Meena picked up Rocky and put him in the baby seat. After that everyone sat on their seats and started pedalling. `I am so, so excited!’ Sue said.

`Me too!’ Sabrina exclaimed `and I hope not to spoil my beautiful gown!’ Everyone groaned at Sabrina’s statement. Sabrina always cared more about her dresses than her friends. This was because she was a princess and a very stylish one too. She bragged about her clothes and her house, oops I mean, her palace!

Soon they were at the park. Everyone parked the cycle and ran inside the park. Meena saw a big lawn and showed it to everyone else. They all ran into the lawn and kept their things. She suggested that they should first play for a while and then come and eat something. Momi was sad because she wanted to eat first and then play. But everyone mostly agreed to play first. So they all rushed to the play area. But what was this? All the swings, slides, see-saws and everything else that were earlier separate rides had now been joined together and made into one big ride. “Whoopie!” Rocky screamed and rushed to the swing which had a rope hanging that led you on to a high platform on which you could jump, run or walk. Now, that platform led you further down a slide. Everyone rushed to the play set seeing Rocky and started playing.

Soon, Shon shouted to Meena, `Meena, I am very hungry, are you too?’

 ‘Yes, me too, let’s ask the others,’ she replied.

Everyone nodded in agreement, so they went to the lawn where there food baskets were kept. Sameena had brought a few cakes, sandwiches and some chocolates. Everyone gobbled up the food. They decided to sit for a while and then go and play again. After about half an hour, they decided to roam around in the park. They picked up their bags and started moving out of the lawn.

‘I wonder if anything else has changed in the park, it’s been a long time since we really came here,’ Sue said. Everyone nodded.

‘Hey, see this! There is a fountain and a little temple next to it. Let’s go and see it’ Meena said suddenly. Everyone agreed with her. Santa-Banta went to see the temple while the others gazed at the fountain. The temple was small but really prettily decorated. Meanwhile, Rocky wad getting bored looking at the fountain. He didn’t find anything interesting in looking at a swan-shaped fountain. After a while Santa-Banta returned back to the rest of the group. Sonu looked at his watch and gasped.”It’s already 7o’clock, guys! We better hurry home!”

And while cycling back home, Shyna said “This is the best picnic ever!” And everyone couldn’t help but agree more!



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Dr H P Shrivastava 28-Feb-2018 11:00

Imagination for characters and events leading word to word description makes a perfect story. This talent Saanvi has picked it up after writing many stories. Three cheers for Kalamwali who has provided a comfortable platform where Saanvi can show her penning skill through interesting narration of imagination. God bless her and also to her extraordinary talent with a valuable skill.

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