The Princess and the Dragon

By Team Kalamwali in Junior Kalam
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A Work of Fiction created at Kalamwali's Creative Writing & Story-building Workshop 

By- Saanvi Shrivastava
9 years old. 


“Jessie, hurry up and eat. We have to still play” Princess Minnie cried. Princess Jessie jumped up from her chair and washed her hands. “Jessie, finish everything in your plate and then go to play” Princess Jessie and Princess Minnie’s mother, the Queen said. “I am full, Mom” Princess Jessie said and rushed to the playground. “Jessie hardly eats anything since her school got over. She only wants to play. She did not even start her school homework, forget finishing it”, the King said. “Call Minnie here, I’ll tell her to let Jessie study.” The Queen sighed. “Let them both play for some time. They have just one month of vacation and so much homework.”

Suddenly, there was a scream and Minnie came running into the colossal dining room. “Mom, Dad” she panted. “A big flying dragon came and swooped Jessie in its feet and went to The Scary Old Forest.” “What?” the Queen cried, getting up from her chair. “Are you joking?” the King asked. “Dad, you know I don’t lie” Minnie said. “Summon the guards!”, the King ordered. Twenty guards came to the dining room. “Yes, Sir”, they all shouted at once. “Jessie has been taken by a huge dragon to The Scary Old Forest. I want you all to kill that dragon and bring Jessie back” the King said. “But Sir, we need more people. Just twenty guards are not sufficient. Can’t you tell the people in the kingdom to help us?” a guard said. “Haven’t I trained you all to fight?” the King asked angrily. “Dad, what they mean to say is that they can fight, but fighting a dragon is not an easy job, is it? Huh, Dad?” Minnie asked. The King smiled. “You are a very clever girl,” the King patted Minnie’s head. “I am sorry to have shouted at you, it’s true that I have not trained you to fight a dragon at all,” the King said to the guards. “Call the messenger” the King ordered.

The messenger came. The king told him everything. The messenger left the palace. In a few minutes, the messenger came back smiling. “My Lord, everyone is going to help you. Should we leave now?” The Queen, who was crying all this while, smiled. “Yes, of course. Get the people and the horses ready”, she said. So, everyone left for the forest. After an hour, they decided to rest. There were many people who had brought food so they shared it with each other. There was cheese and jam and sauce sandwiches, chips, biscuits, cakes and many other goodies. Princess Minnie, finally got up after eating 3 cakes, 5 biscuits, 2 cheese sandwiches, 4 jellies and 2 cans of Pepsi. She went for a walk near everyone.

Suddenly, she heard someone call her name. Minnie went near the sound and saw a huge tower. The tower had no doors, but it had one tiny window on the top. Next to the tower, there lay a huge red and blue dragon. He was fast asleep. “Jessie!” Minnie shouted. Suddenly, a face appeared in the tower’s window. It was Princess Jessie. Jessie waved to Minnie. “Mom, Dad and everyone else”, Minnie yelled. Three soldiers came running over to Minnie. “Guards! Princess Jessie is found!!” Minnie said. Soon, everyone got to know and they asked her where Jessie was. Jessie waved to everyone. “We have to get her out,” the King said. “But how?” a lady asked. “We will have to take her out somehow”, the King said. “How?” a man asked. “I don’t know how!!” the King shouted. A few children started giggling. The King’s face fell. “Are you all uneducated?” the Queen asked, “can’t you think of anything?”

“The princess does not have long hair nor a rope, so that’s out of question” a ten-year old girl said. Everyone nodded. No one could think of anything. “I give up,” Minnie groaned and said.  “We’ll have to think of something or Jessie will have to stay there forever” the King said. All of a sudden there was a scream and then a roar. “Run!” the Queen yelled. An hour later, everyone was in the palace. “My Lord, I saw the dragon waking up. I think he woke up because you screamed. I don’t know how. I think it was too loud for him”, a 13-year old boy said. “Yes, I suppose so”, the King sighed.

Suddenly, a guard came running to the King. “My Lord, there is a prince from our neighbouring kingdom. He wants to meet you”, he said. “Open the gates,” the King said. The Prince entered the room with a few more princes. They all bowed down. “My name is Edward and these are all my friends. He is Mark, that’s Matthew, George and John. We all are going to bring your daughter back. Just give us 3 days”, Prince Edward said. “Ok, but first tell me everyone’s age” the King said. “I am 10, Mark is 7, Matthew is 8, George and John are 12” Edward said. “Go on”, the King said.

So the next day, Edward made a plan of how to get Jessie back. The next day, which was the second day, everyone started acting out the plan. On the third day, after the King gave them permission, the princes left for the forest. They had a long rope, some food and water with them. The dragon was awake and started blowing fire on them. But everyone knew what to do. John, Mark, Matthew and George were going to distract the dragon, while Edward was going to help Jessie climb down.

“Start”, Edward shouted. “Everyone knows what to do, right?” he asked. Everyone did their part and soon Princess Jessie was out of the tower. “Run, leave the dragon!” Edward shouted. Everyone came back to the palace safely. And as a reward, the princes all got an ice-cream.


By- Saanvi Shrivastava 

9 Years Old 



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Saanvi 30-May-2017 14:01

amazing grip on the content at such a young age..way to go

Dr H P Shrivastava 30-May-2017 16:08

Born genius deserving thunderous applauds and countless blessings

Manju Shrivastava 30-May-2017 16:24

First in my fourth generation being so genius to reflect her creative talents in story writing at so young age is really throwing imnense pleasure and we are proud of her. God bless her with more creations in future ahead

Poorna Thimmayya 30-May-2017 18:06

Great work Saanvi, you are a star!!
Poorna Aunty


Your expression is beautiful ... God bless you Saanvi

Deepika Srivastava 30-May-2017 22:57

My little Angel Done a Great job...Love u..

Manali Jobanputra 02-Jun-2017 03:41

Wow, this is beautiful! Keep creating the magic with your words. Good Luck !

Amol Lahoti 04-Jun-2017 17:02

Amazing creativity Saanvi. Loved the interactions between sisters - the princesses, and their father - the king, and their mother - the queen, in your narration. Gave a very real like feeling to the story. Keep up the good work...

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