By Raveena Warkad in Poems » Short
Updated 18:54 IST May 29, 2017

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I felt proud!
Proud as they were.
When they appreciated my silence,
More than my words.
They would praise me for that, for years to come;
Whenever few guests arrived or
At family functions,
which took place every month.
Made me the role model, for my sisters.
And insisted them, to learn something from the elder one:
'Oh! Such respectful girl!
Well, Always the polite one.
She has the manners,
Which should belong to every girl.'
But my ignorant little sisters,
Never tried to learn!
I felt sorry for them.
And wondered what made them such!
Never would they shut their mouth,
And be disrespectful to the elder ones.
But, I never realized,
Rebels they were!
And won many battles
which I thought I would win with the love,
I got for my silenced words!
I thought it was the best weapon,
But it proved to be the weakest one!

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