kalam it down to push yourself

By Shrutishrutii in Junior Kalam
Updated 16:41 IST Nov 10, 2017

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Life may seem to end,
The worries blend,
You'll not be sure,
If the wound can cure..
You get up , you try
Hoping someday your obstacles fly...
There's confusion, there's sorrow,
There's a vivid image of better moments that you may  retain or borrow
There's desire, there's love,
There's anxiety, there's passion for your only imagination
An imagination of a sight,
Maybe a sunrise,
Maybe a sunset,
Maybe a rainy day with your beloved,
Maybe a mothers smile,
Maybe a dads hug
Or a solo road trip for a mile,
Lost in the echo of your own voice,
There's noone to hear to but yourself,
To know what it feels like to  live in a world thats a maze,
A place you cant live in nor live out,
You take challenges, you loose, you win, you hope, you chase, you loose again and so you cry, you cry louder but all you hear is  your own louder cry teasing you in your face....
But there is still , still a ray of hope guiding you on your path, 
A smile to give back,
A giggle so that you stay tagged....
With the world which is made for noone else but you....
Live for yourself , live for your world....
You would never know 
That this ray of hope can take you mountains to clouds to heaven, just as it blossomed a dying flower giving it a new life...and that's when the butterflies got a reason to live,
Reason being only the flowers new life......
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