The Broken Glass

By Team Kalamwali in Junior Kalam
Updated 10:58 IST Feb 05, 2019

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A work of Fiction by our Junior Kalamkar,

Zoya Patil Sangwan


The Broken Glass

One day a girl named Piku was at home by herself with her helper doing some work in the kitchen. She was playing in her mother’s room and while playing she accidentally broke her mum’s favourite water glass which was always on her bedside table . 
Piku was very scared of what her mother would say so she decided to hide the broken glass in her own room. 
The next day when her mother wanted to have water she saw that her glass wasn’t there so she decided to take another glass . She thought the helper must have taken it for a wash . 
The next day when Piku’s mum was cleaning Piku’s room she found the broken glass and when she put the pieces together she was stunned to see that it was her glass . After that Piku’s mum shouted at Piku and after sometime her mother felt bad for making Piku cry over a silly glass so she went to Piku’s room, she apologised to Piku and told her that if she would have told the truth than she would not have been as angry as she was. That she didn’t care that the glass was broken , all she cared about was that she lied to her and that made her angry. 
From then on Piku always told the truth. 

Moral: never tell lies

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