By abeer athar in Poems » Short
Updated 16:19 IST Jan 11, 2019

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Looking back and walking down the memory lane you will find yourself dancing below a tree with the fall of the autumn leaves....nonchalantly romancing with the barren spring inside yourself with the abstract hope of the fertile rain that will replenish the wild flowers within all those wounds you got from the thorns of the roses.... And one day u will look back and see how you felt from all those mountains you climbed so you bravely and wildly constructed a city of love, happiness and lights in the valley of melancholy silence .. A city too profound to be found...you will look back and praise yourself how did you break the window ceiling when you didn't find the key of that dark locked room..How did you fall back from that broken window ceiling but still with the ray of light and you used that light to grow your Wild Wings....so now you look back and find Miracles are not pixie dust or unicorns but everything ironically indestructible like broken ceilings, autumn leaves, mountain falls, crashed landings and darling above all a reckless and a fierce soul....

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