The magic crystal stone

By Team Kalamwali in Junior Kalam
Updated 16:44 IST Apr 24, 2019

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A work of fiction by our Junior Kalamkar,

Sara Katakkar.


                                      The magic crystal stone.

Once upon a time in Russia there lived a servant girl called Peony as she loved peony flowers. She worked as a shepardess in Curdeken's farm. She wished she could be a princess in a splendid castle and be the queen's daughter. She left the sheep under a tree. Then a sheep called Hagen caaled her and said, " Dear Peony, i am a prince and not a sheep. Can you help me break the spell i am cursed into?" Peony said "yes" and off they went to Hagen's mother. Peony asked why Hagen was turned into a sheep. his mother slyly replied, " hmm i don't know," Peony asked Hagen if he knew anything of the spell. He answered, " My mother cursed me. She tricked you, she did not know." Peony asked Hagen what his mother used to curse the spell. He said, "A stone hidden deep below the Volga." So they went to the shores of the volga every morning, day after day to drain the river so they could search for it. When they were draining the driver, the fish were scared that they might take all the water away. for they needed to swim in it. They told the queen of the fish. " Why are they doing this? Asked the queen of the fish. They want the magic stone replied a fish." Then the queen said "Well, then we will give it to them." She called one of the fish and told him to give it. The young fish agreed. He gave it to them. When they got the stone, they were very happy. But they did not know the spell. They went to the spell cave. They searched for the spell which will make Hagen a prince again. They found the spell and read it. 

1,2,3 bore ba bove turn Hagen into a prince once more. 

They tried the spell and turned Hagen back into a prince! Peony and Hagen were happy once again. 

Hagen chose Peony to be his bride.  Peon agreed. She spent the night at the prince's palace. The next morning their marriage was held and Hagen and peony lived happily ever after.


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