The Rainbow Fairy

By Team Kalamwali in Junior Kalam
Updated 13:16 IST Mar 03, 2019

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A work of fiction by our Junior Kalamkar,

Sara Katakkar.

                                      The Rainbow Fairy.


Once upon a time, there lived a Fairy with five sisters. They lived in a castle in the clouds. Their grandmother once told them a story about a dog who loved his master. While everyone was listening to the story, one wise fairy named Polly, took flight in the sky. Polly saw beautiful birds flying and something she had never seen A RAINBOW!

When it was dark, Polly decided to go back home. But when she turned around, she saw she was lost! She tried to find her home but she did not know which direction she was going. Soon she saw a hare on the ground. She asked the hare to help out. The hare did not know where she lived but he agreed. Instead of taking her to her house the hare took her to his house. The hare told her to climb on top of his burrow. From the top of the burrow, Polly saw her house and flew to her house. When her grandmother saw her back, she was very happy. And from that day onwards, Polly always asked before she left.


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