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Updated 18:10 IST May 17, 2019

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Want to reduce your waist line? Step out in the sun. Yes you read that right. Get out there and get your daily dose of vitamin D. A present study pointed out that overweight people had Vit D deficiency and the supplements aided their weight loss.

High fiber fruits are super foods to reduce that extra pound. Probiotics are agents that help burn that belly fat.

Follow this generic diet with your daily exercise routine to aid that belly fat burn out.

Although few pointers before.

Supplement: ghee in small quantity in place of oil specially to make dal or veggies.

Ban: oil completely

Cut down on: Sugar

Avoid: Potato, soda, alcohol.


Breakfast: Cut fresh fruits on muesli with curd dressing

Mid meal: A glass of buttermilk

Lunch: Chicken 100 grams with carrots, tomatoes and onions


                1 chapatti with a bowl full of dal and green leafy veggie

Snack: sunflower/ pumpkin seeds a handful

Tea: green tea

Dinner: Lentil or Palak soup along with carrot cucumber sticks with hung curd in mustard as a dip.

Go on with this for a week along with your daily hour of exercise and start shopping for one size down!!


- Moushumi Nagarkar

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