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With the onset of the new decade, we are all excited to welcome a whole new era of interior design. Every decade is defined by its unique design trends that change and evolve. Some trends last for years whereas some only for a season. I have to admit - there are hits and misses…

So here is some sweet nostalgia for you from the past few decades-


Do u remember how the 1990s saw furniture in pinewood (almost blonde in colour), huge tv/wall units, and the daunting use of poor quality artificial plants?


The 2000s were all about granite kitchens in black and white, that one accent wall in the living room (often in lime green or orange colour) and dark wooden furniture.


The trends from the 2010s that still warmly feature in our spaces are the neutral tones, open-concept floor plans, the shabby-chic concept, and rattan furniture. My favourite from the 2010s still being the popularity of maximalism: the more-is-more concept. 


Come 2020 and you have probably read hordes of different articles on design ideas for this year and are still left wondering what’s going to be hot. Our homes are constantly evolving and the trick is to keep updating with each passing year rather than looking for a complete change. Whatever be your style, I’m pretty sure you can use your own unique decorating skills with a mix of these trends.


  1. Green design will continue to rule

Sustainability begins at home. The focus will remain on recycling/upcycling. A responsible approach towards selecting material, and investing in eco-friendly products and practices can complement the design of your home and have a positive impact on the environment.

  1. Hybrid Homes: mixed-use spaces

Our modern lifestyle demands a good mix of areas that can turn into workspaces, entertainment spaces, hobby studios and more. The traditional design of ‘one room meets one demand’ seems to have been taken over by the concept of the hybrid home that works on mixed-use spaces. New homes are being made with open plans with requirements of home offices, home gyms, convertible guestroom and to accommodate so many other preferences....this is all the new normal!

  1. Eclectic style 

As millennials and GenZ enter the scene as homeowners, more fun, eclectic style spaces will be seen. With their bold and unique design sense layered with travel experiences and individual styles, one can imagine classic pieces being layered with quirky flea market collectibles. This generation is all set to add a twist to the existing home. 

  1. Organic shapes and designs

Soft edges, flowing shapes, furniture with rounded curves will all be the trend this year. Fluidity will replace the rigid, straight lines of the last decade. Organic, smooth contours will be in!

  1. Colour palette

Pink is done with...or so we thought! But it is the one colour that appears to have true lasting power. Peach pink, rose pink,  merlot, cranberry, plum, dirty pink, flamingo, ruby, blush pink…..we have enough shades to last the decade.

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Kalamwali 10-Feb-2020 21:25

Whoaaa! What a lovely read. I could actually visualise every era of interior designs!

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