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We are all familiar with the concept of ‘less is more’ and minimalist spaces that are based on the idea of light, spacious rooms with simple forms and pastel colours.

But did you know that there is an antithesis to the above?  Yes, it is called - Maximalist Style Interior.

Maximalist interior spaces are full of vivid design ideas- there is more colour, more textures, more furniture, more artworks! It is a mixture of different furniture styles that blend together. All of these are beautifully curated together to make it work into a meaningful, charming space.

Think ‘maximalist’ and you can imagine hot pink cushions on a statement chair, emerald green sofas set against a wall with bright wallpaper, a large gallery wall filled with books and artworks, a collection of odd objects ...it is all very busy but exciting! The clash of patterns, prints and colours add an interesting value to the interior. This space is very subjective to the viewer. It evokes different emotions and moods in different people.

So does this mean that these spaces always look too cluttered?

There is a very fine line between the maximalist decor and clutter. Too many ideas can be overwhelming to the eye. But a maximalist space is based around a theme, grouping together items for maximum visual effect whereas clutter is made up of irrelevant objects that need to be tidied away.

How can you make Maximalist interiors work for you?

  1. There are no rules to Maximalist interior designing. You just have to add more layers, more colour, more patterns, more textures to the same space. Make it work in cohesion.
  1. Trying to achieve a vibrant look is a good idea versus creating a chaotic clutter! Make sure to revamp/rearrange until you get the desired effect.
  1. Don’t play safe- step out of your comfort zone. Start with small portions in a room and build up as you feel more confident.
  1. Mix a lot of ideas that you would not brave up to ordinarily. Surprise yourself!  Add things that make you happy even if they are not trending.
  1. Add layers upon layers, you could try the Boho-luxe look.
  1. This interior space should be inspired by you- your stories, memories, collections from past travels. Let a story unfold! Make it an expressive, personalised area.
  1. Your space should be always tidy. Keep enough storage space so you can keep swapping decor items.
  1. This style works best when it is imperfect, so go ahead and decorate without any pressure.

The maximal style interior does not need to be embraced to a 100% but you can always brave up to trying ‘subtle’ maximalism to transform your space.

Go bold...all you need is passion!


Image Courtesy: Caradise | Pinterest

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Kalamwali 16-May-2019 17:17

Not sure I can pull this off ever! But love the idea. Reminds me of a lot of vibrant homes and spaces I’ve visited!

Shreya 17-May-2019 00:10

Boho-luxe is the dream!

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