We are far from shallow

By Asmita Javdekar in Experiences
Updated 11:26 IST May 10, 2019

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Through my headphones, straight into my heart, Lady Gaga explodes, “In the shallow, shallow In the shallow, shallow In the shallow, shallow We're far from the shallow now” Her voice resonates across my emotions, leaving them carelessly strewn. I see a haggard dog with a worn out collar, sniffing through a pile of trash. Perhaps abandoned, perhaps escaped. My mind tugs by it’s untold story. I keep walking and just around the corner of the road, I see this elderly gentleman!! Ashok Kadam feeds the strays in his neighbourhood everyday. He has names for each one of them and refers to them as his children. When I turn back, I see abandoned love. But something assures me that if it keeps going, it’s walking straight into the land of love and light. “We’re far from the shallow now.” Plays on loop. I believe it and keep walking. 

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