• When it's Time
    Dawg | 09-May-2019
    You'd know when it's time..When the lady in whites is measuring the last of the doses, I still want to listen to Guns and fuckin roses. When it's time..I look helplessly at the monitor, I'm sure I still desperately want to give it to "her" When it's time..I barely hear some random phone calls,Cos I believe they knew I had the balls. When it's time..I realised that my "life" was only sixteen to twenty, But I made sure that I got the best of the plenty. When it's time. .I looked at the window to see if there's any crowd, Saw only few faces but felt really proud. When it's time. .I can see one really worried face,Bitch, the first song we played in the 3 disc changer was from "Ace of base" When it's time. .I know that I've had the greatest times in the places that were "far",Didn't manage to buy you the promised surprise car (sorry for that) When it's time. .You can see that the monitor has gone silent, Just pray that my next life is equally vibrant. When it's time. .You'd wish that I was really in a band
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