When it's Time

By Dawg in Poems
Updated 12:36 IST May 09, 2019

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You'd know when it's time..
When the lady in whites is measuring the last of the doses,
I still want to listen to Guns and fuckin roses.

When it's time..
I look helplessly at the monitor,
I'm sure I still desperately want to give it to "her"

When it's time..
I barely hear some random phone calls,
Cos I believe they knew I had the balls.

When it's time..
I realised that my "life" was only sixteen to twenty,
But I made sure that I got the best of the plenty.

When it's time. .
I looked at the window to see if there's any crowd,
Saw only few faces but felt really proud.

When it's time. .
I can see one really worried face,
Bitch, the first song we played in the 3 disc changer was from "Ace of base"

When it's time. .
I know that I've had the greatest times in the places that were "far",
Didn't manage to buy you the promised surprise car (sorry for that)

When it's time. .
You can see that the monitor has gone silent,
Just pray that my next life is equally vibrant.

When it's time. .
You'd wish that I was really in a band,
Truth tells you that I can't fuckin stand.

When it's time. .
If you want me to pass over in the best of the boot,
Make sure that I'm wearing a Savile Row suit.

- Dawg

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Kalamwali 09-May-2019 12:43

Bohot Hard!

Shreya 17-May-2019 00:10


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