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A centrepiece can make a dining table look fabulous instantly!
Every dining table needs a personality but the trick is to keep it low maintenance and long lasting,
unlike fresh flower arrangements that need so much care. Read on for some tips on how to dress up
the dining table and make it a huge statement...be it for a special dinner or a weeknight one!

● Go for a cluster of potted greens or a house plant. Throw in some bright coloured leaves
from the garden in a simple glass jar and u have yourself a centrepiece that could last a few

● There are natural elements you can showcase. Make an array of rocks, wooden logs, shells
or dried botanicals.

● ‘Shabby chic’ is a great trend...use old jars, urns, unfinished wooden objects and fill them up with pebbles, faux flowers, glass beads, cork stoppers, etc.

● Centrepieces made with candles always lend a very elegant look. Both, candle stands and
candles, can be used in varied heights and in groups.

● If you would like to showcase a few meaningful items together, remember to group them in
odd numbers. ‘Three’ is usually the magic number! If you would like more than three, a tray
can really bring it all together.

● Keep in mind the colour palette of the room. This will make the items on your centrepiece
look more cohesive.

● The size and shape of your dining table does matter: for a long table, you could have two
arrangements on each far side, instead of one at the centre. Also, a round table looks better
with a round bowl or tray as a centrepiece.

● Always consider the ceiling height of the room- higher the ceiling, taller can be your
centrepiece. Also, if you have hanging lights over the dining table, keep the centrepiece low
in height, and more importantly, keep it simple.

This said, there are no rules to creating a wow-worthy centrepiece…go for the look YOU love and
one that suits your taste best.
So, if you haven't tried it yet, it might be time!

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