Devika Pusalkar

|Obstacle Course Racer|
|Trail runner|
|Amateur Bikini Competitor|
|Rookie Snowboarder|
|PADI Certified Scuba Diver|
|Business Analyst|
  With the temperatures soaring to excruciating levels; it is natural to feel a bit sluggish and the motivation to stick to your fitness regime may be at an all time low. A few common sense adjustments to your training plan during a heat wave can keep you safe and... read more...
01-May-2019 • 967 views
The first rule of going on holiday is to relax, recuperate and basically have a wonderful time away from routine. While indulgence is an essential part of vacationing - you may not want to come back 10 pounds heavier either.  Easy tips on how to stay fabulous on and... read more...
27-May-2019 • 1051 views
If a bit of overindulgence during Diwali has left you feeling sorry for yourself and terribly guilty for your food choices … join the club!  We've all been there. But fear not help is here… 5 tips to help you recover from an episode of overeating, binging... read more...
28-Oct-2019 • 744 views
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