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  • How to train through a Heat Wave?
    Devika Pusalkar | 01-May-2019
      With the temperatures soaring to excruciating levels; it is natural to feel a bit sluggish and the motivation to stick to your fitness regime may be at an all time low. A few common sense adjustments to your training plan during a heat wave can keep you safe and yet on track to achieve your fitness goals.   Manage ambition and expectations  Staying on track doesn’t mean that you need to smash your personals bests in each session. On hot days especially; simple, gentle movements like stretching, stability/balancing exercises or a peaceful yoga session will be enough. So, if you aren’t able to deadlift your normal 100 kilograms - don’t sweat it! For those engaging in outdoor endurance sports like running - attempting your fastest 10K maybe best reserved for cooler days when you have a bit more bounce in your step.   Stay Hydrated A common sense advice that’s is easily overlooked is to stay hydrated. Hydration in this context means drinking enough water. Watch
  • How to stay fit while on holiday?
    Devika Pusalkar | 27-May-2019
    The first rule of going on holiday is to relax, recuperate and basically have a wonderful time away from routine. While indulgence is an essential part of vacationing - you may not want to come back 10 pounds heavier either.  Easy tips on how to stay fabulous on and after your holiday. Before your holiday  If you have been working hard toward a specific weight loss goal aka “beach body”, you’ve likely been on a restrictive diet. Before you go on holiday, plan to systematically wean off your diet and tone down exercise about a week before your holiday. By doing so, you set your body to a more comfortable state, feeling less ‘deprived’ so that when you finally face an all inclusive breakfast buffet while on holiday you don’t end up eating your weight in croissants and muffins.  Relax! For many folks who work hard on their fitness all year long, taking a break from the gym or regimental macro counting sets of little panic alarms. What’s going to
  • What To Do After a Binge: 5 Ways To Get Back On Track
    Devika Pusalkar | 28-Oct-2019
    If a bit of overindulgence during Diwali has left you feeling sorry for yourself and terribly guilty for your food choices … join the club!  We've all been there. But fear not help is here… 5 tips to help you recover from an episode of overeating, binging , belly bloating etc. Do not beat yourself up Just like eating one salad didn't make anyone lose ten pounds, having a few sweeties isn't going to ruin your life. So stay cool and treat today like you would any other day. Immediately ditch the “whats the point?” attitude that dangerously causes a further indulgence of your cravings and snap out of it. Think H2O  Drinking lots of water and increasing fluid intake the day after works like a charm! Drink 2-3 litres of water or sip on green tea, hot water with lemon, cinnamon teas , apple cider vinegar in hot water to help with that belly bloat and get rid of the toxins or acids that come from excess sugar and processed foods. Move! The best thing you can do for yoursel
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