What To Do After a Binge: 5 Ways To Get Back On Track

By Devika Pusalkar in Health & Wellness
Updated 12:59 IST Oct 28, 2019

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If a bit of overindulgence during Diwali has left you feeling sorry for yourself and terribly guilty for your food choices … join the club! 

We've all been there. But fear not help is here…

5 tips to help you recover from an episode of overeating, binging , belly bloating etc.

Do not beat yourself up

Just like eating one salad didn't make anyone lose ten pounds, having a few sweeties isn't going to ruin your life. So stay cool and treat today like you would any other day. Immediately ditch the “whats the point?” attitude that dangerously causes a further indulgence of your cravings and snap out of it.

Think H2O 

Drinking lots of water and increasing fluid intake the day after works like a charm! Drink 2-3 litres of water or sip on green tea, hot water with lemon, cinnamon teas , apple cider vinegar in hot water to help with that belly bloat and get rid of the toxins or acids that come from excess sugar and processed foods.


The best thing you can do for yourself is to get moving after an episode of excess food indulgence. Get out for a bit of a stroll or dust off that exercise bike or pull out your yoga mat for a couple of sun salutations (SuryaNamaskars) ..simply move! It works wonders to feel back in control of your body and mind. 

Do not starve yourself 

A natural reaction is probably planning to skip breakfast , then skip lunch and sit down with a soup in the evening. While these thoughts of dietary redemption are noble,  a word of warning is that starving yourself is only going to set you up for another episode of overeating especially later in the day. Instead think protein and fibre rich foods. Eat plenty of veggies and definitely go easy on processed carbs. 

Do not weigh yourself

Do not weigh yourself to feel worse. It’s common sense to know that your weight after a few naughty indulgences is going to be - let’s just say - not normal. 

Also it’s weight that cannot really be understood leaving you asking ‘Is it water weight? Muscle weight? Or did I just put on that much fat in day?!’ 

Finding out how bad it is and then dissecting theories to understand your weight shift the day after is utterly pointless, self deprecating and frustrating.

So lighten up (it is Diwali after all). Everyday is a new day and every meal is a new meal.

You’re always just one meal, one workout, one step away from getting back on track.

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Kalamwali 21-Nov-2019 11:16

I should’ve read this earlier! Did all the wrongs for a week before I got to the right.

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