How to stay fit while on holiday?

By Devika Pusalkar in Health & Wellness
Updated 11:58 IST May 28, 2019

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The first rule of going on holiday is to relax, recuperate and basically have a wonderful time away from routine. While indulgence is an essential part of vacationing - you may not want to come back 10 pounds heavier either. 

Easy tips on how to stay fabulous on and after your holiday.

Before your holiday 

If you have been working hard toward a specific weight loss goal aka “beach body”, you’ve likely been on a restrictive diet. Before you go on holiday, plan to systematically wean off your diet and tone down exercise about a week before your holiday. By doing so, you set your body to a more comfortable state, feeling less ‘deprived’ so that when you finally face an all inclusive breakfast buffet while on holiday you don’t end up eating your weight in croissants and muffins. 


For many folks who work hard on their fitness all year long, taking a break from the gym or regimental macro counting sets of little panic alarms. What’s going to happen to ‘the gainZ’?! their abs ?! and what about losing strength?! The important thing to remember when those alarm bells ring is that a week or two away from the gym and diet is certainly not going to derail you or your progress. In fact, a relaxed mind and body will always come back stronger and more focussed.It’s pointless being in a halfway house between training and vacationing where you neither allow yourself the much needed downtime nor work as hard as you normally would. Just relax and focus on truly being away.  If you are training for a particular sporting event that requires you to stay on point - discuss options with your coach or trainer to plan your time away as de-load or recovery time.

Eating on holiday

Well, eat everything! A lot of fitness bros and dieticians/coaches may recommend meal prepping when you travel. As well intentioned as this advice may be, there is nothing more impractical and inconvenient than carrying your own meals while on holiday. Also, the most enjoyable part being on holiday is the culinary adventures you can have. Eating local foods is always preferred over some stale, mouldy meal box as the ingredients are fresh and suit the local weather and activities.  So, whilst on the go,  make sensible food choices like snack on fruit/nuts/trail mixes etc instead of crisps, donuts and candy bars and stay off gas station food. Continue to have balanced meals while on holiday but try and keep them protein centric. Consider cutting out carbs completely for a few meals. For instance; breakfast can be strictly eggs if you plan to eat pasta for dinner. Remember to stay hydrated.

Sugar and Alchohol

Drink - responsibly and eat a few sweeties - responsibly! Sugar and alcohol are two foods that are notoriously easy to go overboard with. However, both are very easily managed by paying a little attention. Always share dessert and with alcohol remember the mantra “the world loves a drink, not a drunk!” 

Move with the flow 

Whether your vacation is in the great big outdoors or in a city, there are always tonnes of options to move that don’t involve helpless workouts in a stuffy hotel room or gym. Simply move with the flow wherever you are. Get some fresh air. Rent a bike to ride around town or plan a gentle hike or trail run, take a ski/surf lesson, swim or go for a peaceful stroll on the beach, wander into the city centre and see the sights. It all counts as exercise. Even shopping counts as cardio. 

Reset your mind

We always underestimate the effect of mundane day to day stress on us. Despite our best efforts to relax and manage ourselves, there are always little bursts of events throughout the day that accumulate over time causing anxiety and restlessness that we tend to neglect. But thats what vacations are for. To help fix us! Take the opportunity to slow down and be mindful. Make every effort to truly disconnect and stay in the moment. Do a digital detox. Lookup from your screen instead and marvel at how incredible the world is.


You’ve worked hard, planned your trip meticulously, packed your hat and are ready to go.

So do exactly that. Let go.

Adventure awaits….

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Kalamwali 27-May-2019 21:55

Such super valuable and well thought about tips! Believe it or not, I alway tend to come back feeling leaner from a holiday. Thanks to miles of walking, time at the pool etc!

Devika Pusalkar 28-May-2019 11:53

Absolutely! Plus when you're happy and not stressed - it works wonders on your health and well being! The weight loss is just a by product of it all :) !

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