How to train through a Heat Wave?

By Devika Pusalkar in Health & Wellness
Updated 15:44 IST May 01, 2019

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With the temperatures soaring to excruciating levels; it is natural to feel a bit sluggish and the motivation to stick to your fitness regime may be at an all time low. A few common sense adjustments to your training plan during a heat wave can keep you safe and yet on track to achieve your fitness goals.


Manage ambition and expectations 

Staying on track doesn’t mean that you need to smash your personals bests in each session. On hot days especially; simple, gentle movements like stretching, stability/balancing exercises or a peaceful yoga session will be enough. So, if you aren’t able to deadlift your normal 100 kilograms - don’t sweat it! For those engaging in outdoor endurance sports like running - attempting your fastest 10K maybe best reserved for cooler days when you have a bit more bounce in your step.


Stay Hydrated

A common sense advice that’s is easily overlooked is to stay hydrated. Hydration in this context means drinking enough water. Watch out for sports drinks and supplements that are full of sugary additives which dehydrate you further. Hydrate yourself with water or sports drinks that will replenish salts and minerals which are lost through perspiration.


Reduce training duration

Swap long training sessions with shorter interval training sessions in hot weather conditions. This is true even if you train indoors in an air conditioned gym. Swap your long distance runs for some vital HIIT sessions or your hypertrophy i.e. high volume workouts with strength building. Increase rest intervals.


Early mornings are your friends

Leaving your training sessions for very late in the day is also probably a bad idea on hot weather days. As the day trudges along; energy levels are quickly depleted and the idea of sweating it out is easily replaced with having a cold drink on the couch. Instead start early while the temperatures are cooler, keep it short and voila! - thats one less thing to worry about! 


Mix up your training

Mix up your training with different movements subsequently increasing complexity.  For instance; instead of your usually running session try to go for a swim. Work on mobility drills that are often ignored. Work on flexibility. Try and master a new movement - like perfect your headstand, pistol squat. Improve your range of movement to squat deeper, reach further. There are limitless options to train your body that don’t require you to melt into a puddle or have a heat stroke. 


Kit Up with the weather in mind

A gym kit of breathable, loose, light coloured clothing helps tremendously in keeping core temperatures within a desired range. So invest in a good quality gym attire to feel light and breezy during your workouts. If you are training outdoors use proper precautions. Apply sun block, protect your head and wear sturdy, comfortable shoes that won’t sizzle the soles of your feet. For those that are swimming; wear proper attire - swimming goggles, cap, sun block and moisturise to prevent skin damage and dryness. 


With all these tips in mind, the most important tip is to listen to your body. If on especially hot days, it refuses to co-operate, do not push it to exhaustion. There is no glory in fainting or collapsing due to the heat.  

Remember, when the conditions are extreme, lazing around is just as essential to your well being as is training hard.

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