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We underestimate what a little touch of green can do for our well-being. Connecting with nature makes us feel happier and more alive. So true then, that the restorative benefits of greenery can be felt even when used in small doses.


It is not surprising that one of the top 10 trends of 2019 (although I believe it never goes out of style), is to add an indoor tree in a room. Plants add a touch of life and make the space look fresh and cared for.


Indoor plants or house plants can completely change the aura and feel of your home.

They can do as much to a room as do other accessories. Plants brighten up empty, awkward spaces, liven up dead corners and accentuate large walls. If chosen carefully and artistically displayed, house plants can add the creative layer a home needs. The softness and warmth that plants bring can make your place feel lived-in and loved.


A few tips to keep in mind -


Think about the space

The choice of the plant relies hugely on the space you want to place it in - against a large wall, on a window sill, kitchen counter, home office or the good old corner position next to the sofa.


Plan the display

Choose whether you would want to use an individual plant or in a grouping arrangement. It is important to consider the colours, leaf patterns, size, and height of the plants if you want to display them in clusters. Remember the magic of odd numbers when grouping.

Personally, I love to mix a few different plants in a single urn for a cascading look to add that unique touch!


Understand what the plant needs

Understand how sunlight fills the room and how light sensitive the plant is. Some plants are survivors who thrive in all conditions but a few delicate plants need more care.


Choose the correct plant

Be it oversized plants for the living room, small potted plants under a console, hanging plants when you are short on space, pots of herbs for the kitchen, shade-loving plants in cold spaces like bathrooms- there is a houseplant for every type of space! For those with a fear of house plants, you can choose low maintenance ones like succulents or glass terrariums for a sophisticated look.

The new trend in houseplants are the little beauties called - Air plants. These are some of the easiest plants to grow and take most of the nutrients from the air itself.


The right container

This can make all the difference. The pot needs to be right with respect to the scale of the room and its proportion to the plant. Give a thought to the style of the container: vintage, distressed or high gloss. Another idea is to mix a variety of different pots to give it an eclectic look.


Experiment with the height and spacing of plants

The variation in heights and space between the plants will give it it’s natural, organic character. Create depth instead of a linear arrangement. You can have one accent plant as a focus and add small fillers to the group. Adding a stylish plant stand to emphasise varying heights is a clever idea too.


Think about water drainage

It is very easy to get carried away with the idea of beautiful houseplants, but do not overlook the issues of drainage. There are many solutions to water drainage that can make indoor plants very easy to maintain.


With all these tips in mind, go forth and plan your heavenly little oasis to liven up your space.

Experience the difference it makes when you bring a little bit of the outside .. inside!


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Kalamwali 03-Jun-2019 13:58

Definitely something I wish to incorporate sometime soon! Especially for the kids :)

Devika Pusalkar 04-Jun-2019 11:09

Great piece as always! I personally love the outdoors because it feels so soothing to be in nature. But when the weather gets too hot/too cold/too rainy it's so good to have a little spot of nature in your own personal space. Not to mention its also one of the easiest and cheapest ways to add life (literally) ! Loved that you wrote this one!

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