Feeling Loved

By Asmita Javdekar in Experiences
Updated 14:32 IST May 31, 2019

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For Amit who secured admission at COEP for Mechanical Engineering, it was the first time in his life that his father, Mr.Shrirang Godbole had ever smiled and said “Good” to him.
The Godbole family took immense pride in the fact that Amit would be the fourth generation of brilliant mechanical engineers from the Godbole family to graduate from such a prestigious institution.

Shrirang was a disciplinarian and a pragmatic man.
He was raised on a foundation that emotions take one away from focus and life should be led within the framework of rules rather than frivolousness of emotional display.
Shrirang had never cried!
Never even laughed out loud.
He was simply a man of limited expression who led a very strict life.

Amit had grown used to his father’s ways but a part of him yearned for some fatherly love and encouragement.
Just any small gesture.
A pat on the back, a warm handshake or even just an expression saying, “me ahe na” (I am there for you)

After all these years, Amit finally managed to pen down his feelings in a letter to his father.
He slipped the letter into his father’s laptop bag before nervously retiring to his bedroom.

With his heart in his mouth, Amit went to the kitchen the next morning to have tea with his family.

His father’s nonchalance almost made Amit feel like he had missed on the letter completely. Just then his eyes veered to the neatly folded letter, carefully tucked below his father’s laptop.

Amit was indignant at being the object of such rude indifference.
He stormed into his room, violently closing the door behind him.

In a few seconds, his phone buzzed. His WhatsApp message read I am sorry I can’t say it in front of you. I love you! -Baba

Whatsapp that day witnessed history, as a new father-son relationship was born.

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Kalamwali 03-Jun-2019 14:00

It took me almost 28 years to reach this level of open communication with my own father despite the unconditional love we’ve shared. I know this feeling!!

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