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Double faced...Those innocent looking facesHide d pain for agesThose dark kohl eyesWhich seems so niceCould kill you in one stareSo don't you dare to glare Those rosy red lipsWhich pretend to fake smileHas something to tell you in a whileAbout a cruel joke of god n lord Those... read more...
16-Jan-2017 • 618 views
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She tells me what is absent in me rather than what is present She tells me my weaknesses so that next time when I face an obstacle I overcome it with my full strength She tells me to be all carefree,crazy as I am and finds no... read more...
17-Jan-2017 • 659 views
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We don't demand RESPECT,We deserve RESPECT.We don't demand LUST,We deserve LOVE.we don't demand our bodies to be TOUCHED,we deserve our hearts to be TOUCHED.We don't dress to IMPRESS,We dress to EXPRESS ourselves.We don't demand ATTENTION,We deserve... read more...
17-Jan-2017 • 584 views
The purest of Heart ♥ will live each day to its fullest with all Love,Courage and Hope.It will never look back in the past nor forward in the future but will Cease every moment of Today till it Lasts.. read more...
17-Jan-2017 • 640 views
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