She's My Mirror

By Bookishgirl5 in Poems » Long
Updated 00:10 IST Jan 17, 2017

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She tells me what is absent in me rather than what is present
 She tells me my weaknesses so that next time when I face an obstacle I overcome it with my full strength
 She tells me to be all carefree,crazy as I am and finds no reason to change me.
 She tells me to dream to believe to achieve .
She tells me to smile when I am sad because she knows even a fake smile can light up a soul for a while.
 She tells me to laugh louder at silly ,stupid things because a day without a laughter is a day wasted .
She tells me its ok if I have Noone to ask for a rose when you can build your own garden. She tells me to have gratitude towards life.
 She tells me to blush,wink and give that shy smile when I miss my college crush .She tells me when I look sexy in my red lipstick and white shirt.
 She tells that I should first fall in love with myself before I could give my heart to somebody else .She's neither a friend nor a sister of mine. She's ME.
 she's my inner self.
 She's deep down inside me. She's ME
 She's MY MIRROR..!!!!

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