don't stop until you're proud. be it about you achieving goal or just helping out, make small goals for everyday and do them in a time limit.  or just give someone else a chance, this way we can all feel good about ourselves. but don't get... read more...
04-Apr-2017 • 505 views
Of all the things people are doing these days to ward off corona virus, one very bizarre thing done by a doctor. Even after taking the vaccines and staying at home full time still that doctor decides to raise the walls of his house as in creating a barricade. And... read more...
26-Apr-2021 • 459 views
It is just an excuse to wait around for things to happen instead of making them happen. We all get choices in our lives which we may or may not realise but the result of our choices make our destiny. True your choice could be wrong but Hey if a... read more...
30-Apr-2021 • 425 views
During the corona and lockdown times when everyone is locked in their own homes, no shops except the medical is open. When people don't even talk to see a relative even in other kinds of illness. As people seem to have forgotten there are other sickness too. In the... read more...
08-May-2021 • 446 views
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