Motherhood Lessons- Part 1

By Kalamwali in Experiences
Updated 11:33 IST Oct 17, 2021

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What MOTHERHOOD taught me the first time- 

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE- When I held my baby in my hands for the first time, I knew exactly what unconditional love meant! All other perceptions I had of unconditional love faded away in that very moment! 

Putting another HUMAN’S NEEDS BEFORE MINE- Call me old fashioned, but NOTHING comes in the way of me being there for my children. Neither work, nor sleep, nor outings, nor vanity. Everything else can wait. 

FEARLESSNESS- Never underestimate the strength of a mother. Nobody hurts my children- even unintentionally! Period. Also, there will be storms, of all kinds, but I’ll always stand in its way before they get to my children. 

THERE’S literally NOTHING A HUG CAN’T FIX- Every time, my children hug me, hold me, cuddle with me, the world seems to be a better place! And nothing else matters!

- Kalamwali 

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