To be empowered in a male dominated society

By Neha Mirashi in Experiences
Updated 15:40 IST Jan 31, 2022

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I am, know and empathize with womenkind. We all face discrimination, molestation, abuse at any and all ages.

However, my story reads a little different. I have a feeling of empowerment in a country known for making women feel helpless and dependent. This is an exception, a big exception, to the rule and i am aware and (i was going to type in grateful, but it defeats the purpose of the argument if i have to be grateful for something which should be my granted right irrespective of my gender). So let me just say i am aware and thankful that i am the exception.

I work in an overly male dominated workspace, where women are looked at with curiosity, indifference or contempt. I have been encouraged by my dad to work and take control of this workspace. My husband and i live in a long distance relationship because of my work commitments. Which to many is an idea so absurd that i have to deal with questions like "you are lucky he lets you stay in a different city to pursue your dreams". 

Yes, he LETS ME and yes I should FEEL LUCKY.

What about the million men that are supported by women? Never mind, i digress. Because as i said my story is an exception. My exception of being surrounded by men who do not judge be by my gender, my exception of being surrounded by women who do not think i am lucky to be pursuing my dreams, my exception of being able to raise a child with minimal biases of gender, my exception of being a huge exception, a huge but lonely exception, a drop in the ocean. A mere drop, wanting to be part of a bigger rain.

What then is it that the men in my life do that is so difficult for others to understand? The thread it all leads back to is "they let me". No. Then what is that the other men find so difficult to let go of? Why is control over women so necessary? Why cannot women be trusted to pursue their dreams without needing permission? Why are the men in my life not threatened by blooming women power? Are they superheroes, brought up on a different diet of open mindedness and inclusion? Are they not a part of the same patriarchal society? Do they live on some isolated island devoid of discriminations and bias? What is it here that is so hard to replicate?  

And if one man can do it, why not the others? 

My story reads different, but has the same characters that so many stories have.

My story reads different, but it has the same environment that so many stories have.

My story reads different, but it has the same emotions, feelings and fights.

I don't know why, but my story reads different. And i will make every effort to ensure that the story of my child reads just as different. That she is brought up in a world where she will not have to be thankful for being allowed to pursue her dreams. 

Where she will be a big drop in the thunderstorm of gender equality. 

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