Neha Mirashi

I am a second generation entrepreneur of a manufacturing set up in Aurangabad, mother to a feisty 3 year old, wife to a calm 34 year old, sister to an amazing social entrepreneur and daughter to the world's greatest parents.
I love my job, i love reading varied genres - classical literature to free ebooks on amazon kindle and i love cooking, baking and traveling.
  • Under our Umbrella
    Neha Mirashi | 01-Aug-2019
    This is for the people of Aurnagabad, who only hear about the rains in other places but are yet to experience the real monsoon! You think rain and all sort of images conjure up...for me, it is a nice cup of hot tea, a book (maybe a kindle), sitting by the window and some uninterrupted reading time, all to myself, all by myself, with the rain drops performing a symphony on their stage of the windowsill.It also makes me want to sing and dance, and actually believe in the romance of life.Aahh...rain....where art thou?The sun is sizzling, the roads are hot, mirages are dancing on the tarmac, the trees are losing their green hope and turning to brown despair again. The metal in the street is hot to touch, and the dust is flying free in this torturous reign of rising temperatures. The phone is still buzzing with messages for "summer sale" from retailers, clearing away what they thought was the last of their summer stock, more needs to be re-ordered. Ice creams and cold drinks, fired from the show, have been given
  • Fly like a kite, with a little string in my hand
    Neha Mirashi | 03-Aug-2019
    The word "possessive" takes on a very strong and real meaning when your child starts interacting, and actually liking other people. And if this happens in the " i need to start disciplining my child" phase, you have had it. It is a mental roller coaster. You want to be the "good cop", always. You also know you cannot afford to be the good cop, because there is no "bad cop" around, other than you, not for many miles.I am still trying to figure out what disciplining means.I am trying hard to look into my past to see how, or even if, my sister and i were disciplined. For some reason, the word discipline brings forth a negative image. A picture of a cane and military style stand-in-attention, in a straight line, with ram rod straight backs. No laughing, no smiling, no giggling.When Aria makes a mess on the floor with water and mud, am i supposed to discipline her or let the joy on her face overrule?When Aria insists on eating on her own in the most messy way possible, am i supposed to discipline her or appreciate
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