The Magical Shoes

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Another brilliant piece of fiction by the 9 year old Saanvi Shrivasthava who attended Kalamwali's Creative Writing & Storytelling for Kids this summer.


         “Mom, let’s go and buy me a pair of shoes. The light blue ones with golden stars are too tight for me,” Peter said. “Absolutely not! We just bought a pair of shoes for you two days ago. Try those,” his mother said. “Mumma, will you buy me a Barbie doll?” Peter’s little sister, Mia said. “Of course, dear. We’ll go right away,” her mother said. “It’s not fair!” roared Peter.

         “What is not fair?” Mia asked, sweetly. “You have a million, bazillion, trillion dolls and I have just 5 pai….” –Peter said and suddenly stopped. His mother had gone to the bathroom and Mia had gone to her room to play with her dolls. Peter groaned. All of a sudden, he had an idea. “Mom, I am going to Joe’s house to play. Please give me 500 rupees,” Peter said. “500 rupees? Why but?” his mother asked. “Er, um… Joe’s mother is giving us some ice-cream,” Peter said. “We have ice-cream at home,” his mother said. “She is giving us chocolate ice-cream. We have just strawberry, mango and vanilla ice-cream,” Peter said. “Ok, I am giving you the money. But, you have to buy some ice-cream for me, your father and Mia too. Let me ask them which flavour they want,” his mother said.

A few minutes later, Peter was on his way to the shoe shop. Peter’s mother wanted some Cookies and Cream ice-cream, his father wanted some chocolate ice-cream and Mia wanted grape ice-cream. Now, you must be wondering why Peter went to the shoe shop instead of Joe’s house, right? Actually, Joe was Peter’s best buddy. Joe lived really far away from Peter. And, Peter wanted a pair of shoes, right? So, he went to the shoe shop to buy a pair of shoes!!!

     He stepped inside the shop and one of the staff came running to him. “Sir, look at this pair of shoes. They are magical and never shrink,” he said. “How much is it for?” Peter asked. “200 rupees,” the shopkeeper said. Peter paid for the price and came out whistling. He was just about to turn into his lane when, he saw an ice-cream shop. Peter remembered that he had to buy ice-creams for his family. And, he still had some money. So, he ran to the ice-cream shop and bought the ice-cream for everyone. 2 minutes later, Peter reached home with the ice-creams. “Peter, what is that shoe box doing in your hand?” his mother asked. Peter gulped, “Er, umm... Yeah actually I thought that because Joe was giving us ice-cream; why not give him a gift?” Peter said, smiling nervously. Peter’s mother smiled. “But then, why didn’t Joe take the gift?” Peter’s mother asked, taking the shoe box and ice-creams from Peter’s hands. Little drops of sweat formed on Peter’s forehead.

          Suddenly, Peter had an idea. “I need to go to the bathroom,” he said. And he rushed to his bathroom. He was very nervous. Just as he was thinking, a loud noise came. “Peter!” it was his mother’s voice. Peter slowly opened the bathroom door and ran to his mother, “Peter, how are these shoes fitting me? And why are they so girlish?” his mother asked. Peter looked at his new magical shoes.

          They were glittering because of the pink and purple glitter sprinkled on it. “Peter, tell me fast! I am talking to you,” Peter’s mother said. “Mumma, can we eat lunch now? I am hungry,” Mia asked. “Oh yes, I forgot. Come and help me by laying the table,” her mother said. Peter heaved a sigh of relief. His mother and Mia went to the kitchen. “Hmmm…..now, what should I do with my new shoes? Should I hide them in my room? Should I throw them away? No, no, not my precious, expensive, new magical shoes,” Peter said to himself. “I think I should hide them in my room,” Peter said. Saying so, he dashed to his room. Peter looked around in his room. There was a lot of place to hide the shoes as the room was really shabby.

Peter picked up his red shirt and put his shoes under it. “Peter, John, come to eat lunch,” Peter’s mother cried. John was Peter’s father “Coming Mom,” Peter yelled. He ran to the dining room and sat down on the chair. The whole family soon came and sat down for lunch. John suddenly announced that he wanted to buy a new pair of shoes. Suddenly Peter’s mother remembered something. “Did you show your father the shoes you got for Joe?” she asked. Peter gulped again. “Now what”, he thought. “Should I show my father my new shoes and get punished or should I just hide them?”. “Are you showing the shoes or should I go and get them?” Peter’s mother asked angrily this time.

“No, no… Mom I am going, just a minute” Peter said. He slowly got up from his chair and went to this room. He switched on the light and looked for his red shirt because remember that’s where he had hidden his shoes. Peter finally found his red shirt and picked it up. He found his new shoes there. To his surprise, he saw that the shoes were no longer pink and purple but had now turned into blue and brown glittering ones. Peter was stunned and very happy with his new buy. He picked up his shoes and went back to the dining table. “Dad, here are my shoes…No, no, no…sorry…Ummm...I mean here are the shoes I got for Joe” Peter said. “Get ready for the big bomb blast” he thought to himself.

Peter’s father looked at the shoes. Then he looked at Peter’s mother and said “Do you call brown and blue girlish colors? Because in the morning you had told me the shoes are pink and purple, but they look really boyish to me now.” Meanwhile Peter was looking at his parents and wondering what was coming next.

Now you didn’t know that Mia likes the colors pink and purple, did you? She popped her head out of her room and asked “Did anyone say the colors pink and purple?” “Yes”, Peter said softly “why do you ask?” “You know that I like pink and purple..what is there pink and purple…give that thing to me” Mia replied. “Mia, didn’t you have five more sums of maths to complete for homework…why not finish that first,” Peter’s father said to Mia.

Mia groaned and went back to her homework. “I don’t know why but these shoes look really big for Joe” said Peter’s father. “Let me try them on me” he said. He slowly got up from his chair and tried the left shoe. John gasped. Peter’s mother also gasped. Peter’s jaw dropped till it touched the ground. The shoes were just perfect for his father. “How are these shoes fitting me!!”,John asked. “Ok, I think its time I tell them the truth” Peter thought. “Mom, Dad I want to tell you something about these shoes. I am sorry that I lied to you that these shoes are for Joe. I have brought them for myself and they are no ordinary shoes…They are Magical ones”. John was really upset with Peter for lying. But Peter’s mother got up and hugged him and said “Thank you for telling us the truth…Make sure you don’t lie to us again”

Suddenly the bell rang..Ding, Dong….”Oh God, its 3 pm and I am sure its one of your friends” Peter’s mother said. “Don’t they know that they should not come at this time to play?” she continued. Peter ran to open the door. There was an old woman standing there. “Please will you give me my magical shoes back, I am the real owner of them. I am a fairy” she said. “Why are you dressed up like this then…is it Halloween today? “ Peter replied suspiciously. The old woman had a stick with her which she waved around 3 times. “Hocuspocusinverses” she said. There was a bright blue light and suddenly a small cute fairy was flying in front of Peter. She had a golden dress with silver wings. “Hello” the fairy said in a small voice. “That old woman was me, I am Saffron” she said. Peter gasped. He finally found his tongue after a few minutes. “I think I should let my parents talk to you” he said and called his parents. Saffron explained to all of them that she was once flying in the sky looking around for a house to stay when her shoes which were super-duper loose for her fell down from her feet. Apparently they had landed in a shoe shop .The same shoe shop from where Peter had got the shoes. Everyone felt bad for the tiny shoe-less fairy and decided to return her shoes to her immediately.

Saffron was thrilled to have her shoes back and granted Peter one boon. Peter wished that his BFF, Joe comes and stays in the building next door. Suddenly there was a loud scream..”Is that a fairy I can see or am I dreaming?” Mia shouted. Peter groaned. “Mia loves fairies, you better run before she comes to catch you” he whispered to Saffron. And Saffron flew away.

The next day when Peter came to school Joe came running to him and said “Peter, guess what …we have bought a new house. We are shifting to 99, Mall Road”. And do you know what was Peter’s address: 100, Mall Road!!


- Saanvi Shrivastava


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Manju Shrivastava 18-Jul-2017 15:36

So significant creativity and writing skill you Saanvi possess, it is amazing. May God bless you to become a full time fiction writer.

Dr H P Shrivastava 19-Jul-2017 00:13

Having a sound knowledge on english with so many rich vocabularies seem to be assets to saanvi which she might have inherited through her parents. The gray matter in her brain might be stimulating vigorously her imaginations, thoughts, writing skills and putting all in a very readable story. I wish her all the success to be a well known frequent fiction writer for children. Great blessings

Arpita Banerjee 19-Jul-2017 09:52

I cant believe a 9 yr old haa written this .. its wonderful 👏👏👏 such vivid imagination .. keep up the fabulous work kiddo !!!

Anurag Roopam 19-Jul-2017 16:15

Very nicely written....

Deepika Srivastava 15-Sep-2017 09:17

A very interesting piece of story writing. Kalamwali is a very useful platform where Sanna like intelligent kudos can sharpen their pens to sketch more ideas into a meaningful fiction. Very nice task u did. Congratulations

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