• Madhura | 07-Apr-2017
    I married a decade ago and came to Bangalore. I had pictured the city very differently than what had materialised in front of me. I quickly started missing my Pune and realised that it is going to take a lot out of me to "like" Bangalore as I love Pune. The food, the people and the culture seemed so much different. I remember asking my sister-in-law "Why is everyone staring at me like that? Do they know I don't understand Kannada?" She said "That's okay. You can stare right back at them". Obviously I did not. I found out and I can say it with my experience that fair skinned people are often stared at in Bangalore. Go ahead, judge me and call me rascist. But it's true. I started working and out popped a series of experiences that are very typical to a city in South India. Questions like "Are you a Brahmin?" ; (touching and sometimes even holding my Mangalasutra)"How many grams is that?"; (literally touching my cheeks) "Are you sure you don't have any foundation on?"; "How come you eat non veg in spite of
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  • Madhura | 08-Apr-2017
    On a very pleasant summmer evening, as I was playing hostess to friends from my hometown, the topic of feminism cropped up. It started off as a harmless discussion where two people (because the other two were only audience) were sharing their views on this rather delicate and sensitive issue but it very soon snowballed into an ugly argument between one drunk person and the bound-by-duty and hence (reluctantly) polite hostess. I realized that I might be feminist. During the discussion/argument, my guest kept repeating that it was God's will and hence man and woman are made differently and we must accept it. He wanted me to accept (among a lot of other unacceptable things) that women are "designed" to take care of household and kids and men are just "meant" to earn the bread. As I was defending my stance, I realised that I am indeed banging my head against a wall. Because my conversation partner was a regressive man with extremely prehistoric views about women and the roles they should play. Following this deb
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  • The curve that sets everything straight!!
    Madhura | 31-May-2017
    The Dhak dhak girl Madhuri Dixit has been winning million hearts for years not just because of her impressive acting skills and enthralling dance moves but because of her dazzling smile. I've been often told that I have a very smiley face. And I have a lot of smile friends. People with whom I exchange only a smile. We dont know each others' names or any other details. But we connect for those two and half seconds through eyes and our smiles. For example the elderly couple I would cross several times during my jog around the stadium during my son's sports' class. Eventually I have accidently met some of my smile friends at social events and got to know more about them. A smile is an acknowledgment, a smile indicates warmth.....but wait...not always!! Over the past few years I've learnt that there are different types of smiles. Smiles have the power to induce varied emotions. Let's try to categorise them based on these emotions. The most basic ones are the smiles which make you happy. It's the rudimentary purpo
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  • Madhura | 23-Jul-2017
    Through thick and thin till eternity. That's what friendship means to me. Friends are family to me but family is seldom friends. I've kept friends at a pedestal through my life. Globalisation puts so much geographical distance between friends today. Kilometers have never reduced the closeness to my true friends. I've always been a person who takes the initiative to text or call friends irrespective of distance and the differentiating time zones. My theory is to pick up the phone and do the needful. My relationship with several of my closest friends has been volatile and action packed to say the least. I've fought and quarrelled with them and hugged and missed them with equal intensity. So much that friends with whom I've fought keep popping in my dreams in random scenarios. The purity of this relationship is never based on any factor but the willingness to "remain" what we were and are to each other. Having friends, who care about you and love you is a true blessing which is incomparable to any amount of weal
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  • Madhura | 07-Aug-2019
    I am a mother since the past 8 years. I have a son who is growing at the speed of lightning. It feels like he dashed through the phases of Baby TV, Jake and the Never land pirates to Pokemon and Bey Blade and has landed on the Minecraft phase in just 267 days. He is 8. But I ask myself. How old is the mother in me?  Two weeks back we had planned to watch the latest Spiderman movie and my son asked me “Did you check with me before booking the tickets?”. I was quite taken aback. Although I applauded the clarity in his thoughts and also gave myself a pat on my own back for raising a child which does not fear expressing his displeasure regarding a plan. (I could not imagine an 8-year-old ‘me’ asking my mother the same question without having to pay for it without a red cheek). I also highly appreciated the effortless objectivity in his tone. No attitude. No arrogance. A plain expression of his feelings. He went to bed that night and I sat thinking about my own growth as a parent. A c
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