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The Dhak dhak girl Madhuri Dixit has been winning million hearts for years not just because of her impressive acting skills and enthralling dance moves but because of her dazzling smile. I've been often told that I have a very smiley face. And I have a lot of smile friends. People with whom I exchange only a smile. We dont know each others' names or any other details. But we connect for those two and half seconds through eyes and our smiles. For example the elderly couple I would cross several times during my jog around the stadium during my son's sports' class. Eventually I have accidently met some of my smile friends at social events and got to know more about them. A smile is an acknowledgment, a smile indicates warmth.....but wait...not always!! Over the past few years I've learnt that there are different types of smiles. Smiles have the power to induce varied emotions. Let's try to categorise them based on these emotions. The most basic ones are the smiles which make you happy. It's the rudimentary purpose of the smile. We've all seen it and done it. Then there's the smile which makes you cry. This is the smile you saw on the face of Will Smith's face in the climax of the movie "Pursuit of Happiness" or the smile you see on the face of a hungry peddler when you give him/her something to eat. That smile symbolises the victory of hope in a life full of despair squeezing out mixed emotion of happiness, empathy and sometimes pity. I personally love the next category of smiles....these are the ones which creep the bejesus out of you. I have been generous with these smiles and might I say I have nearly perfected them ;P As a teacher I always have to supervise written exams. Keeping notorious buggers from copying is a task at hand. One creepy smile will foil all attempts. I'll explain it in easy steps. Make eye contact with suspected bugger, tilt head to one side, and give an exaggerated wide smile which does not reach the eyes. The cat from the movie "Alice in Wonderland" gives a wonderful demonstration of this smile. Then there is the smile which induces fear. It's the twin sister of the creepy smile and I'm glad I've never had to experience it. My least favourite category is Fake smiles which are seen plastered all over this world! To show courtesy, to replace a naturally formed frown upon seeing an unpleasant person or to mask a sad heart....there are innumerous reasons. They are easiliy identifiable because they never reach the eyes. These are the ones I hate. And I also despise the situations which demand these kind of smiles. Don't force a smile....it's one of the most natural and beautiful thing your facial muscles can do!

Smile and mean it!

Did you smile today? What smile was it?

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Kalamwali 31-May-2017 23:42

Very well written!

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