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              At Rihaan’s house, Tanya gets worried when Jeet tells her that Nagar Reddy aka ‘Diablo’ is also inside the prison and Jeet says, “It may get worse if, he gets into Special Prisons.”            

            Rihaan inside is taken in the jail and he is standing with other prisoners and just then, the Warden Rajvardhan Singh aka ‘Tiger’ comes there, who has eye patch on one of the eyes and says, “Hello, everyone…”

            He directly comes to Rihaan and says, “So, we have a special guest, huh!!! A celebrity!!! I got the news from the Head Office and I will see to that, your one month goes very long.”

            Rihaan says, “We will see…”

            Tiger then hits him with his stick and says, “You are in hell, son!!!”

An old man picks Rihaan up and says, “Don’t mind him; he is just like that from the last twenty years.”            

He makes Rihaan sit and he asks about the old man and he says, “Oh, me!! I am, Suraj Bhasin, I am a prisoner from the last twenty two years.”

Rihaan asks him the reason about Suraj being here and he says, “Me, I killed the person who killed my grandson and I am just here. You look innocent…”

Rihaan says, “Long time, someone has said me innocent!!!”

Suraj then takes him to a place where there is a small workout session going on like a gym and then he takes him to a guy and he says, “Shakti!!!!”

The guy is doing push-ups and he sees Suraj and Rihaan and says, “You look familiar, you were in news some days ago…”

Rihaan says, “Yeah, I am in news for many reasons….”

They shake hands and the guy says, “I am Shakti, by the way, I was a bodyguard of a VIP and I couldn’t save him from a gunshot and so his family put me here and the VIP was alive though but I have to stay here…”

After sometime, they are put in their cells and Tiger comes to meet Rihaan and says, “Let us take a walk!!!”

Tiger shows him Special Prisons section where the cells are made of steel and having biometric scanners and Rihaan asks the reason for bringing him here and Tiger just smiles and says, “I wanted you to meet a special person...”

A cell door opens and the voice comes, “Hello, Rihaan!!!”

Rihaan is shocked when he sees Nagar Reddy in front of him and he looks at Tiger and says, “I thought you were bad, but now, you are added to the worse list…”

Nagar Reddy aka Diablo says, “Long Time, huh!! (Tiger leaves them both) This special prison helped me a lot, you know, because of your heroics outside in the City; I got new recruits for my team…”            

Rihaan looks more shocked and says, “You mean, people I put away came here and you…”

Diablo says, “Yes, I took them in, I will show you!!!”

Then each door of the cell opens and one by one comes out and Diablo whispers, “Don’t worry, Rihaan, they don’t know who you ‘really’ are!!! Calm down…”

Rihaan gets worried and Diablo says, “Where we were, yeah, introductions!!!”

One by one door opens and he says:

Real Name


Villain Name




Kripa Shankar



Dhiren Kumar



Aryan Sachdeva











Rihaan says, “This is the worst nightmare come true!!!”

Diablo says, “You are right, by the way, I also have a villainous name, it is Diablo, I took the group’s name…”

He continues and says, “Now, you will see, how I hunt a person like you in prison!!! I give you a challenge; we are all escaping in some days, so stop us!!!!”

Rihaan looks at them and says, “I put you all here, I will not you all escape…”

Tiger takes Rihaan out and Diablo says, “You should have killed them when you had the chance, you know your rule, ‘not to kill’, it doesn’t fit!!!”            

Rihaan is put back in his cell.

Next day, Jeet and Tanya come to meet Rihaan and he says, “Nagar Reddy aka Diablo is here!!!!”

Jeet says, “We know that!!”

Rihaan says, “OH, yeah!! Did you know that the people we put here have joint hands with him!!!?”

Jeet says, “I didn’t know that!!”

Tanya says, “They will kill you inside…”

Rihaan says, “Diablo doesn’t want me dead, they are all planning to escape from here…”

Just then, Tiger comes and says that the meeting time is over and Rihaan leaves inside…

Jeet then leaves a small drone camera to get footage of the prison.

Rihaan is having his food sometime later, and some guys come to him and he says, “Remember me, punk!!!”

Rihaan looks back and remembers them as he beat them when they were harassing a girl when Grandpa came back from his tour and the guys attack him and Rihaan tries fighting them and later Shakti helps him beating the guys and the constables later come and stop them.

Rihaan thanks Shakti and tells him the whole deal of him and other form and Shakti gets convinced by him and says, “I will join you, but how we will stop them!!”

Just then, the door of Special Prisons open and Diablo comes out and Tiger has a megaphone in his hand and says, “Hello everyone!!! People have called you the deepest scum of the City, you are all thugs, criminals, thieves, rapists, murderers, etc, but there is one of you, who is here for a month and I want to make his life entertaining, so I call, Rihaan Kumar, heir of Kumar Enterprises…”

Rihaan comes ahead and Tiger says, “Let’s us have a brawl, gentlemen!!!”

Shakti says, “What will you do???”

Rihaan says, “Tiger said, brawl!!! Let us brawl!!!”

Rihaan then makes a run at Diablo and they have a fight and they fight all around the prison and Rihaan bleeds badly and Diablo too but later.

They then fight hard and Rihaan picks a huge rock up and is about to smash Diablo with it, but suddenly, he is kicked by someone and Rihaan falls back and he sees it is, Scarface!!!

Diablo thanks Scarface and he says, “Pleasure is all mine!!!”

Scarface comes at him but Shakti stops him and says, “Fight me, first!!!”

Tiger and some constables come in between them and stop the fight and they all return to their prison cells.

At night, Tiger meets Diablo and says, “Hey, tell me, who Rihaan really is?”

Diablo looks at him and holds him by collar and says, “That is none of your business, he is mine to handle, you are getting your money, stick to that!!!”

Rihaan is inside his cell and says, “If they all want to escape, there will be an attempt made from inside the Special Prisons, if it happens, I will go inside!!!”

Shakti agrees and says, “You have to do it quick, you have only some days left with you!!!”

The next day, Rihaan sees the same guys he had fought with and goes at him and says, “You know that day, I should have killed at least one of you, so you could have learned a lesson!!!”

The guys then attack Rihaan but he beats them all and beats the leader with a rod and nearly kills him and Tiger comes and puts him in Special Prisons.

He is then put in a cell and sees Diablo in front of him and he looks at Rihaan and says, “Never thought this day would come when so much desperately you want me here or dead!!!”

Rihaan says, “I may change my rule, Diablo! I may!! I May!!!”





              At the base, Jeet and Tanya are watching the prison from the drone camera and figuring out what can happen and what will happen with Rihaan inside. Jeet says, “Rihaan has to maintain his calm inside, he can kill someone, someone, I mean, Diablo.”            

            Tanya says, “You are right, Rihaan is like a feet away from killing Diablo, but I don’t know how he is keeping his calm…”

            At the prison inside, in the Special Prisons, Rihaan is in his cell facing towards Diablo’s cell and Diablo says, “It’s seem so much hatred in your eyes, that you want to kill me…”

            Rihaan says, “If I would have killed your parents, you would have felt the same away. But, I am not like you…”

            Diablo says, “You are the punisher, Rihaan!!! Punish the wrong doers and move ahead and see where it brought you, among us…”

            Rihaan says, “For a temporary thing, I kept them away from the City, you, you just use them for conquering the City and other countries.”

            Diablo says, “You may be true, the alliance with them will stay, using them, we will see…”

            Tiger then comes inside the Special Prison and says, “I see, you’re acquainting very well…”

            He then takes Rihaan out as Jeet and Tanya come to meet him.

            Rihaan sees Jeet and says, “Listen, I am fine here, but Diablo and his gang wants to escape from here, I don’t know how, but you have to find out, I will try from here…”

            Jeet says, “I will do whatever I can, just take care…”

            Rihaan looks at Tanya and says, “The ring looks cool on you, babe!!!”

            Jeet and Tanya then leave and he is taken back inside the cell.

            Rihaan is then in a washroom sometime later, a huge guy shows up and he says, “Are you, Rihaan?”

            Rihaan nodes and the guy says, “I am Xavier aka, Hippo, I am here to hurt you…” Saying this, he tries to chock him and throws him off.

            Rihaan says, “Diablo, you jerk!!!”

            The guy then punches him and Rihaan blocks the punches and keeps the fight and a constable sees this and goes to a cell and Rihaan is still fighting Hippo.

            Just then, Rihaan removes a rod pipe and hits Hippo from it and Hippo smiles and bends the pipe and he says, “I was just told to hurt you, but know, I will kill you…”

            When he is about spear him through the walls, Shakti comes and spears Hippo and they go through the walls and Shakti beats and punches Hippo badly.

            Tiger comes and sees this and Diablo comes to know this and Stinger from his cell says, “I told you, I should have gone…”


            At the base, the next day,

Jeet is looking at the prison from all ways and angles and says, “There is no way Diablo and his gang will escape, it’s just impossible, only if the prison is broken from outside, they can escape…”            

            Raghu says, “There is an idea to know their plan…”

            They all then hack a plan to get the plan known to them.

            Rihaan is doing pushups in his cell and Diablo says, “I never thought I will see you like this, you know, hurt, broken and I always saw you somewhere in a nicer place than this.”

            Rihaan says, “I also thought, but took that way to live from me, remember!!! Go away…”

            Diablo says, “You mustn’t have thought right, the person you put a year ago, you would be feet away to kill him…”

            Rihaan holds Diablo and says, “What is it with you, huh!! Do you want me to kill you, is that what you want. You are just tempting me, so that I end up killed by Tiger’s bullet…”

            Diablo says, “If I wanted that, it would happen on the day you came in and I wouldn’t make efforts to kill you everyday…”

            Rihaan leaves him and goes inside the cell.   

            The next day, Jeet alone comes to meet him and says, “At night, I am coming here, to interrogate Tiger, be alert…”

            They then talk to a constable and he helps them out.

            At night, the constable comes inside the Special Prisons and takes Rihaan out without anyone knowing and Jeet as Sikander comes inside the prison climbing.

            They come at Tiger’s room and Sikander attacks him and they holds him and Rihaan wears a face mask and says in Mr. R’s voice, “What is the escape plan for Diablo and his gang, tell me!!!”

            Sikander punches Tiger and says, “I should cut his hands, I suppose…”

            Tiger says, “No, please don’t!! I just know, it is going to be loud escape, some Ninja guy is going to help me!!!”

            Sikander says, “Ninja!!! What Ninja guy!!!”

            Tiger says, “Some, Ninja having the name, Dragon!!!”

            Mr. R says, “White Dragon??? You mean?”

            Tiger says, “Something like that!!!”

            They leave him and Mr. R removes his mask and says, “Chang!! He’s a friend; he wouldn’t do something like that!!!”

            Jeet says, “We can’t trust anyone, Rihaan!!! If he is into this, I will stop him, you beware you get inside the cell, Tiger come to check…”

            Jeet leaves and sometime later, Tiger wakes up and goes for a check and sees everything is fine and next day, tells what happened to Diablo.

            Diablo looks at Rihaan and says, “Nice move…”            

            Rihaan and Shakti are talking and they try to make a plan to stop them.

            Shakti says, “Tiger said, it will be loud, wait a sec, there is the prison anniversary and the Mayor of the City is coming here, the date can be the one to escape from here. Tiger cannot let them out, he will be fired, he has his repo to keep up and so they made this plan…”

            Rihaan goes inside the cell and sends a message to the constable to tell Jeet about it.

            Jeet there waits for Chang and says, “So, Chang, how much is Diablo paying you?”

            Chang says, “What??”

            Jeet then hits him and asks him about the Prison break of Diablo and his gang and Chang says, “I know nothing, Tiger just said, Dragon, it can’t be me, it could be, someone else, Oh No!!”

            Jeet then handcuffs Chang and tells him not to move.

            The next day, inside the Prison, Rihaan and Diablo are in having food and Diablo says, “You said, I am tempting you to kill me, this will help you, I was there when your parents got killed, I was there, when I came in middle of the road and shot a missile and the car went up in the air and crashed and killed your parents. Those two people were great but had to be killed…”

            Rihaan starts laughing and says, “Diablo, you don’t plan well, that night, you could have killed three people, but you failed…”

            Diablo says, “Three!!!”

            Rihaan says, “Yes, three!! That night, my parents picked me up from a party and I went to sleep in the backseat and the missile blast hid me inside the door and I saw you and your men walking off seeing my parents dead and I cried and cried.”

            Rihaan throws his plate at and him and starts punching Diablo and Shakti comes and separates Rihaan from him but Rihaan pushes him and attacks Diablo again and the constable come and separates them and Rihaan says, “You killed my parents, you don’t deserve punishment, Nagar, you deserve Death!!!”

            Rihaan in a mad way keeps on the laugh and Diablo looks at him in a furious way.


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