The Unmet - I

By Abhishek Mishra in Stories » Short
Updated 21:19 IST Jun 01, 2017

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Amidst the stretches of barren land and an un-ending expanse of dreaded shrubs, a gazelle of echoes that faded to the decibels of melancholy, sat a young 20 something, with a violin, dilapidated with time, as he strum a tune, in the memory of his teenage fantasy. A wrecked heart perhaps humming a melody hoping that the diminishing echoes would for once distinguish from the savaged ambience that buried the enchantments of his love, a transient delight. Many a town-mates disregarded the age old existence of Samantha and testified evidences of his eccentricity, but he continued, one note to another, in the hope that one day, she would return to ornate the dreadful scape of togetherness, she left behind, once upon a time.

Often, he would walk along the shores of Riverville, where he would wait hours, hoping for those paperboats that they crafted together, to come back with a message from his cherished bygone. Often he would speak to the birds, and embrace the branches of a tree and you'd see him dance to the rhythm of exuberance and in a twist of moments, to sombre he would surrender and delve into the depth of his loneliness all over again. 

It had been years since there had been any exchange of words, it had been years, since a human interaction paved through his solitary lane, it had been years, since he confided into someone to share the dejected heart-beats. It had been countless days and unforgettable nights, he wept his tears and let the dawn dry them along his weary cheeks that had sunken into a gorge of undeserving mis-fortune.


......... to be continued


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