Indomitable XX's

By Manali Jobanputra in Poems » Short
Updated 03:32 IST Jun 02, 2017

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Scarred souls, tortured minds,
Broken hearts, yet determined,
Undying strength and  undaunted courage,
They smile bright hiding their rage.

Wronged in every way,
They fight to live another day,
Showered with sorrow and torment,
Yet  they spread love, like alluring scent.

Giving up is never their choice,
Valour is the sound of their voice,
Deceived to believe in a fairyland,
Hit reality; was a desert.. burning sand.

Happiness was a mirage,
Their lives ; a sabotage,
Cloaking every scar,
Dealing with humans bizarre.

I Salute those brave souls,
Two halves who make a whole,
They stood strong beside,
When the rest marred their inside.

They are an inspiration,
With a unique gene mutation,
Their strength and courage is invincible,
And the secret behind their Pinnacle.

They deserve infinite love,
And to be someone’s belove,
I hope they find it soon,
The cupid’s magical boon!


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