The Curved Expression.

By Mitali Shah in Daily Musings
Updated 15:18 IST May 31, 2017

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A SMILE reflects Sweet Moments In Life to Enjoy! Smile is one of the few things which is good inspite of being infectious.

A smiling face can conquer hearts in a second. People who go for morning walks exchange smiles with passing by strangers , and slowly that gesture develops a bond of friendship. 

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon when me and my son were enjoying a good movie on television. Suddenly, we heard a voice coming from the direction ofour gate. There was a small boy of about 12 to 13 years standing at our gate. He was sweating profusely and looked quite tired. He asked me for water. After drinking water, he asked me if I could assign him a job like washing car or watering the plants. Being totally against child labour , I declined his offer. But he persuaded me to give him some sort of work as he wanted to earn some money to buy books.

I offered him some amount so as to help him, but he said he wanted to earn the money himself. I was totally impressed with his honesty and his vigour to earn and learn. My efforts to persuade him to accept money were in vain.

That was when my son got up, took his bike and went out . He returned after 15 minutes with a parcel in his hands. He had bought a dozen notebooks and some stationery items. He handed it over to the boy. The boy was totally confused and didn't know how to react.

That's when my son told him that he would have to study hard and gain good results. That was the task assigned to him in return for the notebooks. The boy had tears in his eyes and a smile on his face. My son patted him and exchanged a smile with him.

Seeing their expressions, my lips curved automatically. But this was not a infectious smile......

It was a expression of my heart, reflected by my curved lips. That was my best SMILE ☺

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Kalamwali 01-Jun-2017 08:06

It must have been such a touchingly proud moment! The world needs more people like you two 😊

Mitali Shah 01-Jun-2017 22:31

Thanks ☺

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