Magic of the Smile

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Magic of the Smile


The other day I got down from the taxi, paid the bill and smiled and said Thank you to the taxi driver. He was surprised since I did not talk  much throughout the journey. He also smiled back and thanked me while returning the money. This uplifted my mood for the day, I passed on a few more smiles to the people I came across during the day and that is how I think the happiness spreads. So flash that smile to make the day brighter.

I grew up In Pune, India. Anyone who knows me points out that I am an “ever smiling girl”. During the school days, I used to dread these PTA (parents teachers meetings). Because apart from the usual complaint that she talks a lot in the class, the complaint use to be that she smiles. I obviously failed to understand how can that be a complaint? And my parents use to keep asking me what makes you smile when the teacher is teaching? I had to explain that I was not smiling. In fact, this complaint took a serious turn during my post graduate studies when in one instance the teacher accused me of smiling because she was fat! I had to explain to her that I have a smiling face and it has nothing to do with her being fat. Not that she was convinced. So the smile is not as beautiful as people say it is what I thought at some point in my life.

A few days back we travelled to Scotland. There we met one of my friend’s Son, Surshu who was about the same age of my son, Avaneesh. They instantly smiled looking at each other, eyes twinkling brightly. They played so well as if they knew each other for a long time. In fact, Surshu was speaking in Spanish. What I discovered is that language, nationality and other barriers were for us adults.They enjoyed playing with each other. Yes! This brought a smile on my face.

Few days back, Gaurav my husband and I were taking a stroll after dropping Avaneesh at the school. Some people smiled at me and I smiled back. Afterwards, he asked me if I know them and I said no but I do smile at the random people passing by .It makes my day brighter I added. As we settled for a cup of coffee we discussed that the worst thing about growing up is the ease with we surrender ourselves to the details of daily living. And that we adults are so busy chasing the almighty dollar. Or as we grow our ego too grows. And that is the also the reason why we wait for the other person to smile first and then we respond by smiling back.

Few months ago some city workers came to cut down the tree branches. It was a warm day and my child and the neighboring kid were playing in the passage near balcony. Nearing lunch time,I went to call them. They were watching the trees being cut, the machine going in the branch, and the branch being ripped down. The machine, the noise of the tree and thud! Sound with which the branch fell down was amusing for them. They watched with awed expressions .I decided to join them and for a moment the two pairs of eyes stared at me in astonishment .I let my child to re teach me that afternoon for I did forgotten a whole world of fun could exist in a child’s world. Jumping in puddles, stomping in just for the sheer fun of getting dirty, to climb just a little higher on a tree and gaze over ,playing with sticks assuming it as sword and swaying it calling yourself the Mighty King. The shinning eyes of innocent faces when they say this. All these thing put a smile on my face.

Peaceful. Long heart to heart conversations with a friend, thinking of some good old memories, remembering some funny things, being naughty, playing with my child, finding a new hobby, listening to the music, exploring and experiencing new places and meeting new people, oh yes and food too makes me Smile. So what’s your reason for smiling today?


Keep Smiling!



Surshu And Avaneesh smiling in the picture above!


-Sanchita Satalkar


#Kalamsmile J


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Shrradha Haldule 01-Jun-2017 13:56

Superb.. i agree to it too.. Smiling always...

sanchita 02-Jun-2017 14:03

Thanks Shrradha! :)

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