Elevate Yourself!

By Its me Hitali in Daily Musings
Updated 00:43 IST Sep 18, 2017

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Water symbolises flow and life.

                     Abstractly, it explains how important is to keep moving no matter how many obstacles and storms come in your way.

                      For it is better known the insignificance of stagnant water which only exemplify sluggishness,mustiness and stillness .
So is life.
Like moving water proclaims its art of excellence by repelling and rebuffing the storms and high tides ,so must be the epitome of one’s biography . Invigorate yourself to face the challanges , extol the virtues of self because self evaluation is the best thing to animate the hidden and stagnant virtues and vices.
World is full of critics. So beatify yourself with your own verdicts. For that what you need to do is to keep moving and dive in the flow as it will help you to fine-tune and burnish.
Explore the opportunites hidden in the venter of epoch. Coz the outcomes of an insight are usually filled with contentment.
To exhilarate oneself and to laud others ,should be the virtue of a being who is in a state of motion(trying to work hard constantly ) coz this will surely lead to passing of positive energies which is channelized in bringing the outcomes.
“ Elevate Yourself for you need to see a world above the stars,
Elevate Yourself for sky is the limit for those who flow with fortitude.
Elevate Yourself so that your mind gets lifted above the pandemonium,
Elevate Yourself coz you are worth to be better than what you were yesterday.
Elevate Yourself for the world needs good leaders to steer with a greater vision,
Elevate Yourself coz you are not mediocre but over-the-top and especial.”



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